Reviews by Samboa

Cucusoft Ultimate Video Converter 7.06
on 25 February 2008
I tested cucusoft and it worked OK on my computer, mind you it is NOT free, it's $29.95 afaik. There are other free alternatives out there guys. That being said, it does a good job at DVD conversion (although I had some issues with the sound/video being shifted and drifting). It depends on the FPS of your source DVD (25 or 29.95FPS). For the other formats, I haven't tested extensively but I imagine that MediaCoder (free) or ConvertHQ (also commercial) will do the job.

Oh : I just tested ONE BAD mofo :
GermaniXSoft Transcoder : it does sound only and it was crashing. but then again if I can't say anything good I may as well say nothing at all.

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