DTS/AC3 Source Filter

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Are you a fan of high-quality audio formats like DTS and AC3 but struggle to play them on Windows Media Player?

This handy tool allows seamless playback of DTS and AC3 audio files on your Windows system, enhancing your media experience effortlessly.

What is DTS/AC3 Source Filter?

The DTS/AC3 Source Filter is a free, lightweight tool that integrates with Windows Media Player and other media players, allowing them to recognize and play DTS and AC3 audio files.

Initially developed for Windows 9x, 2000, and XP, by Inmatrix (Zoom Player's developer), this filter ensures that your favorite media player can handle high-quality audio formats without needing additional software.

What Are Some Key Features of the DTS/AC3 Source Filter?

Supports High-Quality Audio Formats
The DTS/AC3 Source Filter supports both DTS (Digital Theater Systems) and AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio formats, ensuring you get the best audio quality for your media files.

Seamless Integration
This filter integrates effortlessly with Windows Media Player, allowing you to play DTS and AC3 files without any extra steps. Once installed, it works in the background, making your media player more versatile.

Lightweight and Efficient
The DTS/AC3 Source Filter is incredibly lightweight and won't bog down your system. Despite its small size, it provides powerful functionality, making it a must-have tool for audiophiles.

Download the DTS/AC3 Source Filter today and take your audio playback to the next level.

DTS vs. AAC: Which is Better

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Reviews & Comments
DTS/AC3 Source Filter
on 13 June 2024
Not work in Windows 11.
DTS/AC3 Source Filter
on 07 December 2023
the best, i like this.
DTS/AC3 Source Filter
on 03 December 2023
Nice! Good..!