VirtualDub2 20.44282

4.8 from 5 Reviews
VirtualDub2 (previously known as VirtualDub FilterMod) is based on the well-known VirtualDub open source application and it includes features from different projects: x264 encoder, lagarith encoder, fflayer filter, etc.
This collection of tools is portable, which means you don’t have to install the application on your computer and have your Windows registry modified.

No traces are left when the software is removed and you can keep VirtualdubMod on your computer or on a memory device.

VirtualdubMod allows you to process videos the easy way, due to its intuitive, uncluttered interface.

It offers all the features originally found in VirtualDub and it supports MPEG2 and AC3; it can also work with corrupt AC3 and MP3 files.

The output video can be easily extracted by specifying the start and the end points and you can apply various filters and effects: modifying brightness level, inverting colors, flipping, blurring, and many others.

VirtualdubMod has not been developed anymore for a long time, so it was replaced by VirtualDub2.

Changes to VirtualDub2 20:

+ update 19 (build 44282)
* fixed bug in resize filter (wrong chroma cropping)
* auto-size option in filter preview
* display selection duration in statusbar
* non-standard AVI option (#310)
* other fixes

- Virtualdub Batch Video DeShake (developed by isidroco) has been listed - it is an elaborated batch for recompressing to h264/h265 all videos in a folder, (initial purpose was for both deshake passes, now it has a lot of command line options).
Reviews & Comments
VirtualDub2 19.41867
Toaru Neko
on 08 May 2018
VirtualDub2 is a must-have. The main features are:

1. extract single or sequence of images from video.
2. encode video from any format to neraly any format.
3. deinterlace DVD video from 29.97i into 59.94p.
4. many other.
VirtualDub2 19.41462
on 12 March 2018
well i was testing this out and i found this very cool glitch (i think it's a glitch)

using a dual monitor 17 inch and 40 inch lcd

primary is 17 inch open vdud drag to my 40 inch lcd

open file for testing all good now the neat thing, i

doulbled clicked on the open file it launched on my 17

inch at full screen (neat full screen editing)

to get back image on dub just double click on image

i hope this makes some sense tried to explain best i know

happy editing memex ._. :)
VirtualDub FilterMod 18.41106
on 16 February 2018
I like a lot, makes cutting x264 & x265 files simple as pie, using the export stream copy. (SWEET)

nice work indeed!