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HEVC Video Extension 1.0.42701
on 26 October 2021 , reviewed by: Joseph

# 1

While at the beginning of the year I used version 40203.0_x64 and this worked great, I attempted to use the same version on a newer updated computer and it failed to load (error 1168 - element not found).

I then thought I would just use the newest version 42701.0_x64 and while it loaded without issue, I could not open HEIC photos.

Any help would be appreciated as to what is going on. I removed any packages previously and attempted again.

It will install however still no dice on this working to allow photo viewer to view the photos.

Hi Joseph. How did you manage to remove the HEVC codec we downloaded from this website?

on 08 Jan 2023 , by CodedEnjoyer

You can check this guide:

on 08 Jan 2023 , by Admin




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