Reviews by Marty

SMPlayer 17.10.8725 beta
on 15 October 2017
For my purposes, SMplayer is the greatest player on the market. And when I say for my purposes, I am specifically talking about its resume play feature. 'RESUME PLAY' is the ability to stop a video and then restart it at a later time and have it pick up where it left off as opposed to the video starting over at the beginning and having to search for the point where it had previously stopped.

I have been using SMplayer now for several years. Prior to SMplayer I had been using the VLC player.

VLC has always been and I'm sure will always be a great player but until recently it lacked this feature and even though VLC has recently incorporated this feature into their player (after a fashion) in the VLC player it is awkward and a hassle to use.

With VLC you have to go through multiple steps to get to resume play (which kind of defeats the whole purpose). With SMplayer it is the automatic and default setting. With SMplayer if you stop the video now and then come back five minutes later or five months later it will still automatically resume at the point where you left off with just a standard double click. It doesn't matter if you have started and stopped 20 other shows. SMplayer will still remember and resume play where you left off on every one of them.

In its earlier years, there were some occasional playback issues on some videos, but I have not had that problem for a long time now. SMplayer has got to be the most underrated unsung hero of the computer video player world.

I will always like VLC but I LOVE SMPLAYER!

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