Reviews by Paul

Cucusoft Ultimate Video Converter 8.03
on 02 September 2010
As one other person stated, the name itself should make you wonder. I got this based on so-called reviews. I'm giving it a "bad" review not because the software is so bad, though it is buggy, but because there is a free product that is just as simple and works as good or better. I'm speaking of HandBrake. (A good addition to Handbrake is DVD43.) Check it out on your search engine of choice. Please!! Before you waste $48 like I did, try Handbrake. If you are intimidated by all the apparent settings, just look up handbrake configurations or settings on the web. With just a little research you will easily figure it out and then you can spend that little bit of extra cash on something else. Also; don't forget "DVD43"-[also free]. This is a must with HandBrake. Newer DVD's like Avatar will cause problems otherwise.

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