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Screamer Radio 0.4.3
on 27 July 2010 , reviewed by: Tapin

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I would strongly recommend to everybody reading this an alternative radio stations database called "presets" in Screamer-radio terminology. The point is that they quit updating radio streams longer than 2 years ago so two thirds of radios don't work at all in the official database.

I decided to take it over. Since the presets.xml.gz file gets larger and larger David Zidar the developer claimed the program has some kinds of problems displaying the whole file in the menu bar of program itself so I temporarily had to remove by genre and by language folders until this is being solved to make the file way much smaller.

Nowadays I work on the US stations, Canadian ones are completed as well as Aussie categorized by provinces or separated states and also territories as for Canada. I also concentrate on rare countries so you can have Quatar, Palestine, Libya, Ghana, Burkina Faso Kazachstann, Iraq, Bangladesh, Bhutan etc. etc.

So go ahead and get
http://dracisvet.stefankiss .sk/
unzip it into the SR folder, in the presets downloader subfolder start pdownloader.exe. Set SR folder, the time to check the updates, silent or active mode (I'd recomment silent mode and notify by sound) and automatically run the program after system startup.

In the Screamer-radio itself untick "automatically update presets" in menu/setting/preferences/general tab.

Since now everytime I release an update you'll know it by a sound and all the work is done automatically for you.

By the way if you get the program Autolyrix, it gets sticked with Screamer-radio and shows lyric of the actively played song via the SR and also the picture of booklet of the song both also downloading into your computer to the Autolyrix folder which is definatly amazing it searches for almost every song automatically for you!

bye and perhaps talk to you on the SR forum
http://forums.screamer-radio .com




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