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VLC (VideoLAN Client) 1.0.2
on 05 October 2009 , reviewed by: Moo

# 1

1.0.2 is finally usable for me (Windows)! Still has flaws (creates invalid icon entries for the file associations; sometimes displays three little video popup windows when playing a wmv!), but this player is finally worthy enough to replace Media Player Classic here (HomeCinema was a good alternative but unfortunately that is just a bit too unstable).

VLC is quite heavy in the disk space department, but it can be cut down to about 55 mb (from around 80 -LOL). Quite good player so far, and the playback speedup while keeping the same sound pitch is great (seems only this player offers that).




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Un vero incubo non funziona. Sviluppatori la terra vi aspetta.
The player is awesome it's the best to date that I have used, But after the Nov 26th Update ...
I have had problems used APE in foobar2000...
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