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DVD-Cloner 6.30
on 16 June 2009 , reviewed by: GKB

# 1

I'm using Vista 64 bit and was able to copy DVDs to iso, avi and mpeg. Unfortunately the copies were extremely poor quality.
They've agreed to refund me though I've yet to receive it.
The refund process is a joke.
1. why don't you try to do this ... this .... and this ...
2. why don't you reinstall?
3. OK you can apply for a refund
4. 5 days later, refund confirmed but don't cancel your credit card transaction and wait another 10 days (yeah, right)
5. download our refund form and return it by post or fax.

FAX??? wtf! I paid by electronic payment but can't be reimbursed the same way? It's an excuse to make it more difficult to claim refund. It cost me 4.50 at my local library to fax them from UK to US.

The only email contact is a "no reply" address.

I tried MagicDVD and it worked flawlessly.

Lesson learnt the hard way.




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Installed within a sec. and works just fine. Thanks.
Does exactly what I want, Thanks!
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