Reviews by Christian

Cucusoft Ultimate Video Converter 7.11
on 15 December 2008
A joke, it seemed like the fastest convertor on the market at a reasonable price. A few weeks after purchse when i tries to start converting a lot of avi to dvd's the whole program crashed and would not open, i was getting the error message. avi to mpeg main has stopped working.
This error is apparently a 'BUG' of cucusoft avi to dvd pro.
I downloaded loads of codecs to try and fix the problem, it partially worked as cucusoft would open again however the finished dvd's played with errors.
Beware of cucusoft , they have no telephone number (check it out before you buy , you on't be able to contactthem !) they do not reply to emails, obviously because they know there software is junk so they have no reply to your questions, but they don't care , there making money right? There offering the fstest convertors on the market! Convert and burn a stansar 700 mbavi to dvd within 30 mins ..... with no catch? Yeah right! Bull.nutse if you ask me. There programs simply do not work!
They crash and give you fatal error messages.
I've allredy downloaded over 20 codec packages to try and get my avi to dvd to start working but to no avail.
Stay away from cucusoft, it will cost you more time and bother in the long run, get DVD FLICK which is FREEWARE and in terms of quality it Is miles better than cucusoft.
I converted and burnt a standard 700 mb avi to dvd on medium quality setting (which far exceeds high quality settings on cucusoft) in under an hour. If i was on low quality the whole process would tke me about 45 mins, which is about the right time (depending on your comp processing speeds).
Take m advice get DVD FLICK, it's free, asy to use, amazing quality, fast and you can also put menus into your videos!

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