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on 11 September 2007 , reviewed by: Anon

# 1

Absolutely brilliant and versatile program. Forget Windows Movie Maker. Have total mastery over video encoding. It's filters are superb too.

If you're into video processing then this is a must have tool. I simply wouldn't be without it. Contrary to what people think it's not exclusively AVI files it edits: it contains it's own frameserver (creates a "dummy" AVI file) and you can use it with dedicated frameservers such as AviSynth: I've recently fed it a H.264 video via AviSynth, used VirtualDub's brilliant filters, and then used it's frameserver to feed the output to an MPEG2 encoder: the only "real" video files being the H.264 at the beginning and the MPEG2 video at the end. Fantastic.

It's perhaps not the easiest thing to get to grips with at first it's not designed to be idiot proof so read some tutorials if you want to get the best out of it. Once you know it's capabilities you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.




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Un vero incubo non funziona. Sviluppatori la terra vi aspetta.
The player is awesome it's the best to date that I have used, But after the Nov 26th Update ...
I have had problems used APE in foobar2000...
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