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Screenshot of interdigital_initiates_fresh_legal_actions_against_lenovo_over_proprietary_av1_and_vp9_video_codecs.htm

InterDigital Initiates Fresh Legal Actions Against Lenovo Over Proprietary AV1 and VP9 Video Codecs

9 Sep 2023
This move marks the latest development in the ongoing legal dispute between the two companies.
Screenshot of airpods_max_2_expected_to_feature_enhanced_audio_codec.htm

AirPods Max 2 Expected to Feature Enhanced Audio Codec

30 Aug 2023
Apple's upcoming AirPods Max 2 is generating excitement for its potential inclusion of an advanced audio codec.
Screenshot of samsung_unveils_new_bluetooth_audio_codecs.htm

Samsung Unveils New Bluetooth Audio Codecs

19 Aug 2023
Samsung's One UI 6.0 update brings in new Bluetooth audio codecs, making wireless audio better for smartphone users.
Screenshot of google_pixel_8_pro_leak_reveals_audio_magic_eraser_feature.htm

Google Pixel 8 Pro Leak Reveals Audio Magic Eraser Feature

14 Aug 2023
Leaked Google Pixel 8 Pro promo shows off "Audio Magic Eraser" feature, sparking excitement for enhanced audio quality.
Screenshot of microsoft_resolves_bug_affecting_video_recording_with_wvc1_video_codec.htm

Microsoft Resolves Bug Affecting Video Recording with WVC1 Video Codec

1 Aug 2023
Microsoft has recently tackled a significant bug that disrupted video recording within Windows apps.
Screenshot of europe_s_essential_role_in_advancing_and_standardizing_audio_codecs.htm

Europe's Essential Role in Advancing and Standardizing Audio Codecs

25 Jul 2023
Europe shapes digital audio, sets global standards, and fosters tech adoption with next-gen audio codecs.
Screenshot of elmedia_player_adds_h_266_vvc_codec_support.htm

Elmedia Player Adds H.266/VVC Codec Support

25 Jul 2023
Elmedia Player has unveiled its latest version 8.18, featuring the support for the H.266/VVC codec, promising users enhanced video quality and greater efficiency.
Screenshot of meta_launches_hdr_video_to_reels_for_improved_video_viewing.htm

Meta Launches HDR video to Reels for Improved Video Viewing

18 Jul 2023
Find out how Meta is enhancing the video viewing experience through HDR integration.
Screenshot of google_expands_bard_with_image_scanning_and_conversational_capabilities.htm

Google Expands Bard with Image Scanning and Conversational Capabilities

17 Jul 2023
Google has expanded its language model, Bard, to include image scanning and conversational abilities.
Screenshot of av2_video_codec__enhancing_video_compression_for_better_streaming_experiences.htm

AV2 Video Codec: Enhancing Video Compression for Better Streaming Experiences

13 Jul 2023
AV2 represents a significant advancement in video compression, addressing the increasing demand for high-quality video content.
Screenshot of fraunhofer_releases_open-source_mpeg-h_decoder_on_github.htm

Fraunhofer Releases Open-Source MPEG-H Decoder on GitHub

7 Jul 2023
MPEG-H enables realistic audio reproduction with spatial precision, object-based audio, and interactive sound capabilities.
Screenshot of tidal_teases_hi-res_flac_addition.htm

TIDAL Teases Hi-Res FLAC Addition

30 Jun 2023
TIDAL teases imminent addition of Hi-Res FLAC, delighting audiophiles.
Screenshot of spotify_set_to_unleash_hifi_audio_with_new_premium_tier.htm

Spotify Set to Unleash HiFi Audio with New Premium Tier

21 Jun 2023
Spotify Announces New Premium Tier with HiFi Audio, Enhancing Sound Quality.
Screenshot of accelerating_video_creation_and_streaming_with_the_nvidia_video_codec_sdk.htm

Accelerating Video Creation and Streaming with the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK

3 Jun 2023
NVIDIA's Video Codec SDK brings accelerated video encoding, including AV1 and HEVC support, and improved streaming features.
Screenshot of lc3plus__the_advanced_audio_codec_for_enhanced_quality_and_flexibility.htm

LC3plus: The Advanced Audio Codec for Enhanced Quality and Flexibility

4 May 2023
LC3plus audio codec offers improved quality, flexibility, and low power consumption for various applications.
Screenshot of vvc_h_266__the_next-generation_video_codec_revolutionizing_online_video_streaming.htm

VVC H.266: The Next-Generation Video Codec Revolutionizing Online Video Streaming

23 Apr 2023
With its advanced algorithms and ability to deliver high-quality video at low bitrates, VVC H.266 is set to revolutionize online video streaming.
Screenshot of mainconcept_and_fraunhofer_iis_enable_immersive_audio_in_live_encoder_and_ffmpeg_plugins.htm

MainConcept and Fraunhofer IIS Enable Immersive Audio in Live Encoder and FFmpeg Plugins

15 Apr 2023
MainConcept and Fraunhofer IIS are allowing users to create and stream realistic and engaging immersive audio content.
Screenshot of amd_s_alveo_ma35d_accelerator_enhances_intelligent_video_encoding.htm

AMD's Alveo MA35D Accelerator Enhances Intelligent Video Encoding

8 Apr 2023
It uses AI and machine learning algorithms for fast processing, reduced energy consumption, and high-resolution video output.
Screenshot of google_extends_license_agreement_with_fraunhofer_iis_for_aac_codec_range.htm

Google Extends License Agreement with Fraunhofer IIS for AAC Codec Range

6 Apr 2023
Google extends license for AAC codec range with Fraunhofer IIS, enabling continued use in their products, including YouTube and Google Play Music.
Screenshot of youtube_goes_av1__unbeatable_streaming_quality_at_lightning_speed.htm

YouTube Goes AV1: Unbeatable Streaming Quality at Lightning Speed

3 Apr 2023
YouTube's adoption of the AV1 video codec provides higher video quality and faster streaming speeds, setting a new standard for the streaming industry.