VLC Media Player 3.0.21: Super Resolution & HDR Enhancements!

The latest VLC Media Player update, version 3.0.21, brings a range of improvements and fixes.


VLC Media Player

Decoders: Enhanced Opus ambisonic support, improved ASS subtitle rendering, and fixed issues with Opus in MP4 and VAAPI hardware decoding.

Input: Added support for HTTP content range handling and resolved issues with HLS Adaptive Streaming in audio-only mode.

Video Output: Introduced Super Resolution scaling for AMD GPUs and improved HDR options for D3D11, along with better subtitle rendering on Apple platforms, especially for Asian languages.

Video Filter: Added a new AMD VQ Enhancer filter and an option for NVIDIA TrueHDR in D3D11 to generate HDR from SDR sources.

Audio Output: Fixed a macOS regression causing crashes with audio devices having more than 9 channels.

Services Discovery: Ensured UPnP directory URL schemes comply with RFC 3986.

Contrib: Updated FFmpeg to 4.4.4, dav1d to 1.4.2, and libvpx to 1.14.1.

libVLC: Required WS_CLIPCHILDREN style for HWND in libvlc_media_player_set_hwnd and fixed crashes with caopengllayer.

Miscellaneous: Addressed various warnings, leaks, potential crashes, and a security integer overflow in the MMS module.

This update aims to provide users with a more seamless and dependable media playback experience.

By addressing various bugs and enhancing key features, VLC Media Player 3.0.21 not only improves performance and stability but also introduces new capabilities that accommodate a wide range of audio and video needs.

Users can expect a more robust application that handles different media formats and streaming scenarios with greater efficiency and fewer interruptions.

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on 09 June 2024
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