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Screenshot of videorf_technology_enables_real-time_3d_rendering_on_mobile_devices.htm

VideoRF Technology Enables Real-Time 3D Rendering on Mobile Devices

15 Dec 2023
VideoRF has the potential to redefine the possibilities for mobile gaming, AR, and VR experiences.
Screenshot of windows_11_23h2_update_targets_aac_decoder_issue.htm

Windows 11 23H2 Update Targets AAC Decoder Issue

5 Dec 2023
Microsoft is gearing up to release an update for Windows 11 23H2, focusing on resolving an issue with the AAC Decoder Issue.
Screenshot of vectis_expands_patent_pool_portfolio_with_opus_audio_codec.htm

Vectis Expands Patent Pool Portfolio with OPUS Audio Codec

3 Dec 2023
Vectis has added another feather to its cap by taking charge of the OPUS audio codec patent pool, boasting ownership from industry giants Dolby and Fraunhofer.
Screenshot of mainconcept_live_encoder_3_4_adds_support_for_vvc_h_266_and_mpeg-5_lcevc.htm

MainConcept Live Encoder 3.4 Adds Support for VVC/H.266 and MPEG-5 LCEVC

25 Nov 2023
MainConcept's Live Encoder 3.4 brings you a major upgrade, supporting VVC/H.266 and MPEG-5 LCEVC for better video quality and efficiency in streaming.
Screenshot of ffmpeg_6_1_introduces_av1_codec_integration.htm

FFmpeg 6.1 Introduces AV1 Codec Integration

16 Nov 2023
The recent release of FFmpeg 6.1 brings several notable upgrades to the widely used multimedia framework.
Screenshot of aomedia_introduces_royalty-free_immersive_audio_container.htm

AOMedia Introduces Royalty-Free Immersive Audio Container

10 Nov 2023
AOMedia announces IAMF, their first royalty-free audio container specification, aiming to enhance immersive audio experiences.
Screenshot of nokia_sues_amazon_and_hp_over_video_streaming_patents.htm

Nokia Sues Amazon and HP Over Video Streaming Patents

6 Nov 2023
Nokia's inventors have contributed to the evolution of market-adopted video codecs.
Screenshot of google_chrome_drops_theora_codec.htm

Google Chrome Drops Theora Codec

1 Nov 2023
In the rapidly changing world of the internet, Google Chrome has recently made a significant decision regarding its support for Theora.
Screenshot of cisco_s_webex__clear_calls__smart_codecs__and_helpful_meeting_assistants.htm

Cisco's Webex: Clear Calls, Smart Codecs, and Helpful Meeting Assistants

27 Oct 2023
Webex Introduces Smarter Meetings with Advanced Codecs: Clearer Calls and Helpful Assistants Await!
Screenshot of crystal_clear_codec_secures_legal_victory_in_audio_quality_patent_dispute.htm

Crystal Clear Codec Secures Legal Victory in Audio Quality Patent Dispute

18 Oct 2023
The District Court of The Hague in the Netherlands rejected a claim filed by VerifyIP, acting on behalf of an undisclosed client.
Screenshot of the_zero-day_exploit_in_libvpx_vp8_encoding.htm

The Zero-Day Exploit in Libvpx’s VP8 Encoding

14 Oct 2023
Attackers can manipulate an application's memory, potentially leading to crashes or remote code execution.
Screenshot of pixel_codec_avatars__a_step_forward_in_the_metaverse.htm

Pixel Codec Avatars, A Step Forward in the Metaverse

10 Oct 2023
In their conversation, Zuckerberg and Fridman explored Pixel Codec Avatars and also touched upon ethical considerations.
Screenshot of tieline_via_codec_enhances_juventus_match_broadcasting.htm

Tieline ViA Codec Enhances Juventus Match Broadcasting

6 Oct 2023
Juventus Football Club introduces Tieline ViA Codec, promising fans an immersive and electrifying match commentary experience like never before.
Screenshot of court_finds_netflix_guilty_of_hevc_patent_infringement.htm

Court Finds Netflix Guilty of HEVC Patent Infringement

26 Sep 2023
This verdict has potential implications for the streaming industry, given the widespread use of HEVC by streaming platforms.
Screenshot of critical_webp_bug_puts_many_apps_at_risk__not_just_browsers.htm

Critical WebP Bug Puts Many Apps at Risk, Not Just Browsers

18 Sep 2023
A critical vulnerability in the WebP image codec, designated as CVE-2023-4863, has emerged as a significant concern for a wide range of applications.
Screenshot of apple_s_a17_pro_chip_with_av1_decoder__a_game-changer_for_iphone_15_pro.htm

Apple's A17 Pro Chip with AV1 Decoder: A Game-Changer for iPhone 15 Pro

13 Sep 2023
With AV1 decoding, users can expect efficient streaming with reduced bandwidth consumption while enjoying crystal-clear visuals.
Screenshot of interdigital_initiates_fresh_legal_actions_against_lenovo_over_proprietary_av1_and_vp9_video_codecs.htm

InterDigital Initiates Fresh Legal Actions Against Lenovo Over Proprietary AV1 and VP9 Video Codecs

9 Sep 2023
This move marks the latest development in the ongoing legal dispute between the two companies.
Screenshot of airpods_max_2_expected_to_feature_enhanced_audio_codec.htm

AirPods Max 2 Expected to Feature Enhanced Audio Codec

30 Aug 2023
Apple's upcoming AirPods Max 2 is generating excitement for its potential inclusion of an advanced audio codec.
Screenshot of samsung_unveils_new_bluetooth_audio_codecs.htm

Samsung Unveils New Bluetooth Audio Codecs

19 Aug 2023
Samsung's One UI 6.0 update brings in new Bluetooth audio codecs, making wireless audio better for smartphone users.
Screenshot of google_pixel_8_pro_leak_reveals_audio_magic_eraser_feature.htm

Google Pixel 8 Pro Leak Reveals Audio Magic Eraser Feature

14 Aug 2023
Leaked Google Pixel 8 Pro promo shows off "Audio Magic Eraser" feature, sparking excitement for enhanced audio quality.