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Apple's Secret Weapon for Streaming: AI Video Compression

28 Mar 2023
Apple acquires WaveOne, an AI-powered video compression startup that could revolutionize video streaming.
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Qualcomm's aptX and aptX HD Codecs Go Free for Android

27 Mar 2023
Wireless audio quality and signal latency have been improved with the release of Qualcomm's aptX and aptX HD audio codecs as open source software for Android devices.
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Nvidia Boosts GeForce Video Encoding for Simultaneous Streaming

25 Mar 2023
Nvidia's improved GeForce video encoders allow users to produce high-quality video content without performance issues.
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Marshall Electronics Upgrades Four Camera Models with NDI Codecs

22 Mar 2023
These cameras are sure to be a popular choice for broadcasters, videographers, and event producers.
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Would You Give Dyson Zone ANC Headphones a Try?

20 Mar 2023
Dyson has recently launched its Zone ANC headphones, promising to revolutionize the listening experience.
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Velos Ends Patent Pool for HEVC, Simplifying Video Codec Licensing

13 Mar 2023
Velos' decision to end its HEVC patent pool simplifies the licensing process for video codecs and...
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OnePlus Launches Buds Pro 2 Light Edition

7 Mar 2023
OnePlus has launched its latest earbuds offering, the Buds Pro 2 Light Edition, as a cheaper alternative to its premium Buds Pro 2 earbuds.
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AV1 Takes the Lead in the Codec Wars

6 Mar 2023
AV1 is quickly maturing and experiencing accelerated adoption, despite being just over four years old since its release.
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MQA's next-generation high-resolution audio headphones are set to arrive

28 Feb 2023
MQA's next-generation high-resolution audio headphones are set to arrive, but not in the current year.
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AV1 support is being introduced to Reels, by Meta

25 Feb 2023
Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has been working on bringing AV1 support to its platforms.
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Lyra, a new, high-quality and very low-bitrate speech codec from Google

15 Mar 2021
Connecting to others online via voice and video calls is something that is increasingly a part of everyday life.