Roku Sued Over HEVC Patent Infringement

Roku, a popular brand of digital media players known for enabling streaming of various content from the internet to TVs, is facing a legal challenge over HEVC patent infringement.

Roku Sued

Access Advance's HEVC licensors allege that Roku's streaming devices utilize HEVC/H.265 video coding technology without proper licensing. 

This has prompted a lawsuit demanding past royalties and insisting that Roku cease using the technology until a licensing agreement is reached. Similar disputes have arisen earlier this year against companies like HP and ASUS.

Access Advance claims they've tried to resolve this with Roku but have yet to reach a satisfactory agreement.

HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), or H.265, is crucial for platforms like Roku as it allows for high-quality video content delivery at lower bitrates. 

This capability enhances streaming experiences, particularly for 4K content, by ensuring smoother playback and potentially improved picture quality. 

By integrating HEVC support, Roku devices efficiently manage demanding video streams, enhancing their appeal to consumers seeking reliable streaming solutions across different budgets and needs.

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