yt-dlp 2024.05.27 Brings Several Crucial Improvements and Fixes

The latest update for yt-dlp brings a host of enhancements and fixes, ensuring the tool remains robust and versatile for downloading videos from various platforms.


yt-dlp 2024.05.27

yt-dlp 2024.05.27 brings several crucial updates to its extractors. The parsing of base URLs in SMIL manifests has been fixed, ensuring smoother video downloads.

Peertube now supports livestreams, enhancing its functionality for live content. The Piksel domain has been updated, and an extraction loop issue in TikTok user data has been resolved.

Core Enhancements

Significant core enhancements have been implemented. Improved error handling now provides better warnings when requested subtitle formats are not found.

The tool has also been integrated with the latest youtube-dl updates, bringing in new features and fixes from the original project. Users will now receive warnings if the absence of FFmpeg affects format selection.

Additionally, the cookies management system has seen improvements, with support added for extracting cookies from the Whale browser and enhanced Chrome session cookie retrieval.

Windows users benefit from improved shell quoting and related tests.

Miscellaneous Changes

Several miscellaneous changes enhance overall performance. Post data hashes have been added to --write-pages filenames, and the _search_nextjs_data function has been made non-fatal, reducing interruptions.

Numerous extractor fixes across platforms such as afreecatv, bbc, bilibili, and crunchyroll ensure smoother and more accurate data extraction.

Networking Improvements

Networking improvements include the addition of an extensions attribute to the Response class. The requests module has been updated, now patched for requests 2.32.2+ and upgraded to version 2.32.0.

Development Enhancements

Development enhancements are also notable. The introduction of new dev tools like hatch, ruff, and pre-commit, along with improved development documentation, streamlines the development process.

The build process has been refined with a migration to static musl builds, updates to the curl_cffi group, running the macos_legacy job on macOS-12, and ensuring the macos job requires setuptools<70.

Cleanup and Testing

Cleanup efforts include the removal of questionable extractors, and various small fixes enhance stability. Testing has been bolstered with the addition of HTTP proxy tests and fixes to the connect timeout test.

These updates collectively ensure yt-dlp remains an efficient and reliable tool, capable of handling a wide array of video downloading tasks with improved functionality and stability.

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