AC3 Filter 2.6b

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The AC3 Filter is a free audio decoder and processor filter which allows media players to read files with AC3, DTS and MPEG audio tracks.

AC3 is a must have in every codec pack and it is one of the best in its class, as it can be associated with PCM, LPCM, DVD and SPDIF stream as well by using its System tab section.

The AC3 Filter also allows you to play WAV files with AC3 and DTS streams, ripped from multi-channel AudioCD without needing to convert those files.

AC3 Filter processes audio streams actively, offering users virtualized surround sound and down-mixing capabilities (it enables users to match the number of audio channels to the speaker configuration).

Furthermore, you can set the volume, the equalizer and the delays for every single channel, so you set up the perfect configuration for your environment.

You can even configure audio frequencies such as to watch movies at night without disturbing your neighbors.

Other features of AC3 Filter include watching movies under poor hearing conditions, synchronizing audio with video by applying time shift, adjusting time delays for every channel in order to compensate the different distances to loudspeakers and down-mixing audio tracks to any number of channels, in order to match your speaker configuration.

When it comes to SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface), AC3 Filter passes through AC3 and DTS over SPDIF without making any changes to the external decoder, it is able to encode any audio to AC3 and transmit it over SPDIF and it also supports USB sound cards.

All these amazing features are available through an extensive configuration panel allowing you to easily pick up any tool you need; moreover, AC3 is available in a wide variety of languages, from English and Chinese to Serbian and Basque.

Changes to AC3 Filter 2.6b:

- ffmpeg updated to v1.1.4
- Use FFMPEG for AAC decoding (should be less crashes because faad bugs).
- SPDIF/AC3 encoder: encode 5.1 with back channels (used by flac for instance) like 5.1 with side channels (standard for ac3).
- Serbian language added (thanks to Rancher).
- Languages updated: Basque (thanks to Xabier Aramendi), Chineese (thanks to PoYang).
- Bug fixed: some languages was reset to english after restart.
- Installer: /noicons option works now

- Audio Codec Tag 2000 and 8192 may be requested when AC3 Filter is missing.
- It also solves AC3 DVM codec missing, reported by AVIcodec utility.
Reviews & Comments
AC3 Filter 2.6b
Hennie Oosthuizen
on 28 January 2022
I really hope this will be the solution , even MP4 Videos I downloaded from YouTube; play with no sound and output file doesn't go to the Target Output Folder (!?) I know that's not your fault :)
AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 29 April 2018
This is superb....thanks made my day complete.
AC3 Filter 2.6b
miss luna
on 19 March 2017
really fast. good!