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XP Codec Pack 2.0.4
on 24 August 2006 , reviewed by: MrMMills

# 1

Everything appeared to work if you used the Meida Player this app installs, but my exisiting Media Player 10 stopped being able to play certain sound files. Some standard .wav files would play on my Media Player 10 and others would not. at one point I received an "enumerator not found error" in Media Player 10. After uninstalling XP Codex Pack, and returning to a previous system state everything returned to normal. I reinstall the codec pack and see if the problem repeats itself - I'm sure the intent of the group is to not hose an existing the current media player.




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Very nice software , powerful and very efficient .
The installer does not work, so I had to extract it's contents using Universal Extractor. I copied MLScreenCapturePXT.dll ...
Keeps going bonkers and trying to download all kinds of random videos at the same time.
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