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XP Codec Pack 2.5.1
on 01 April 2012 , reviewed by: James

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Fixed my wmp11 problem when it would only play sound on a avi file. Thank you!

Hi i see you managed to get this codec to work with WMP 11. Ive got this (Windows Media Player cannot play, burn, rip, or sync the file because a required audio codec is not installed on your computer.) ERROR message when trying to play songs on WMP 11 have installed XP Codec Pack but still get the above error.

Could you tell me how you got the WMP 11 working with this Codec please.

on 28 May 2012 , by George




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Very nice software , powerful and very efficient .
The installer does not work, so I had to extract it's contents using Universal Extractor. I copied MLScreenCapturePXT.dll ...
Keeps going bonkers and trying to download all kinds of random videos at the same time.
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