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Real Alternative 1.52
on 17 April 2007 , reviewed by: matt

# 1

I have been using this a few years now, after I got fed up with Real Player always adding it processes to startup, and always trying to make connections even when specially diabled all those options.

Anyway this is a must have program, and is a great way of getting MPC on top. Works with every Real media file I have used, so no problems there.

I have read some info on the net that it might not be leagl using this pogram, but i don\'t care as its much better than the orgional Real Player.




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Very nice software , powerful and very efficient .
The installer does not work, so I had to extract it's contents using Universal Extractor. I copied MLScreenCapturePXT.dll ...
Keeps going bonkers and trying to download all kinds of random videos at the same time.
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