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DVD Digital Copy Protection (Madness)

3 Dec 2004
Or the dirty little secret of DVD; few interesting things about CSS, RCE, DVD Region Coding...
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What's the difference between decoding, encoding, recoding and transcoding?

1 Dec 2004
See the exact difference between these terms.
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How to (re)install Default Codecs in Windows XP/2000

27 Aug 2004
Install Microsoft ADPCM Audio Codec, IMA ADPCM Audio Codec and all default codecs.
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Codecs Supported by Windows Media Player for Windows XP

24 Jun 2004
A list of codecs that are supported in Windows Media Player for Windows XP.
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Adding and Removing Default Codecs (and MCI) in Windows 95/98/Me

18 May 2004
Removing and reinstalling a codec may solve problems playing a particular file type.
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Four-Character Codes (FOURCC)

4 Jan 2004
A set of codes that are four characters in length, introduced to clearly identify video data stream formats. They also describe the format of the data itself.