Xreveal is a free DVD and Blu-ray decrypter that runs in the background and decrypts DVDs/BDs on-the-fly so your copy program can read it.
Xreveal is a small research project and doesn't contain any decryption keys, it is based on the official public AACS specification only; you need a key database to make it work.

With the help of third party bd+.dll, now Xreveal can remove most of BD discs that have BD+ protection, no need to connect server to download FUT.

Read more here - How to use Xreveal

Changes to Xreveal 2.5.2 :

- Fixed installer won't work on Windows x86 and Windows ARM64
- Fixed failed to get RDK when LibreDrive is enabled
- Fixed failed to read VID of HD-DVD
- Added keydb.cfg setting for HD-DVD
- Added context help in the Settings dialog
- Added more logs when failing to do AACS-Auth
- Added Enabled LibreDrive for UHD
- Improved detection of whether PowerDVD is installed
- Improved exit UDF parser quickly when ejecting disc
- Changed FUT file search order: bd+.dll, MK.bin, MK_VolumeLabel.bin, MK_*.bin
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