DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.39
on 13 April 2011, reviewed by: Darkmage40


i cant make it work and i do what the tutorial says ....

I get a syntax error on line 42.

on 15 Apr 2011, by Deez


SPlayer 3.6.1993
on 13 April 2011, reviewed by: The cigarette smoking man


Another update. SPlayer has a tearing effect when playing HD videos with fileextension.mkv. This isnt fixed till now.

Otherwise a very good player with low CPU consumption.


XP Codec Pack 2.5.1
on 11 April 2011, reviewed by: Stephen


I have some video files that I haven't been able to play with audio in WMP, DivX or Quicktime and have downloaded numerous codecs all to no avail.

I found this codec pack today, downloaded it and opened the file in the Media Player Classic and it worked perfectly! Thank you very much !


x264 Video Codec rev. 1924
on 11 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


There is a lot of positive talk about x264, and rightly so. For high-yield encodings, it does a better job than XviD, but for low bitrate encodings like 128kbps and a small screen size like 352x240, XviD still does a better job.

Minju, I am coming into terms with the Google Video Codec and it is definitely a strong contender for XviD in the field of low bitrate encodings.


Xvid Video Codec 1.3.1
on 11 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


This is one very good codec and has come a long way since it's humble origins. It does a considerably better job than the latest commercial DivX codec and has none of the bloatware or spyware attached to it as DivX does.

As of it's latest release, it now it provides it's own post-processor icon that appears in your taskbar when you are playing back an XviD video so you can fine-tune the way your video plays, including brightness adjust.

While Google Video is still a strong contender for XviD for anime, cartoons and flash to video, in the long run XviD is still better, especially for live-action movies.

There are also still a large # of portable devices out there that play XviD with no problem.

Since it is and will likely always remain free, it is in your best interests to try and compare this video codec for yourself with the other popular ones out there, especially commercial trialware DivX and see in this case the disgruntled workers of DivX who provided the public with XviD did in fact an incredible job in it's design.

Their words entirely, "what the community really wants is a Winamp, not a Linux."

As popular as WinAMP is today and as easy as it is use, I must fully agree. We're not all rocket scientists and XviD is definitely for encoding videos easily without confusion, slowing down your system, or tapping into your pocketbook as DivX does.


Combined Community Codec Pack ( CCCP ) 2010.10.10
on 11 April 2011, reviewed by: david leys


The last time this was bundled with software which led me to this site to download it totally f**ked computer i had lost my files and had to do a reformat :(

Admin's note: the installer is 100% clean. Obviuosly you didn't download the software from codecs.com


Google VP8 Video Codec 1.1.0
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


For EVERYTHING, live-action, cartoons, anime, and CGI, this video codec totally rocks. It beats the socks off XviD, DivX and WMV by far for small bitrate encodings (128kbps).

The quality is so good it doesn't need filters or video noise to "clean it up" afterwards like DivX and XviD do.

You owe it to yourself to look at this incredible video codec. It is a shame it does not play on my portable devices, compare and see for yourself the seriously improved quality at the same k/sec.

It also has a dirt simple user interface:
K/sec, quality-preset, and whether it's fixed, variable, or 1st/2nd pass.

My only complaint is I've encoded hundreds of videos in XviD now for the past several years and I seriously want to re-encode them all in GV now for the clearly marked improvement in the end video at the same k/sec. Augh ! ☺


Google VP8 Video Codec 1.1.0
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: Jack


Not really that excellent. DiVX 6.9.2 (Pro) encoding gives me an average of 30fps, XViD 1.3.1 23-25fps, VP8 barely 18fps on the same PC for the same film. Sometimes, while reading reviews, I feel like company employees write them.


UMPlayer 0.92
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: John Scott


I had a problem with the audio part.
When i play music, in my playlist doesn't show the length of the track until a play it.
And not always is correct.
Ex. Sean Paul - Press It Up is 03:44
In my playlist is 02:48.


PowerDVD 10.0.2701
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: lojin


i couldn't play .mkv files with powerdvd ultra 10...it shows the version doesn't support the format. and even it leads to a wrong version... what shall i do???

pls help...thanks in advance


QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: Gerard


Works fine, but an update is needed.


VP7 Personal Edition
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


Source video: CGI High-action, 1 minute, single pass, 352x240 15fps, 128kbps (16k/sec)

It certain encodes better than DivX or XviD or WMV at the same k/sec but still not as good as Google Video's codec, which I guess is not too surprising since GV is using VP8 and this is VP7.

This codec encodes slower than GV and I can't see an appreciable difference of two videos encoded at the same k/sec except that VP7 is about twice as slow with more configuration options than GV.

If you're curious, VP8 is a commercial codec so for Google to incorporate it as their own is great since it's 100% free to use in your own projects and their minimal interface works fine certainly for what I need.


Windows Media Format 11 Runtime
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


Not good.

I'm running it in Win7 64-bit with 22gb of hard-drive space free and it says, "Not enough storage is available to process this command. Installation did not complete."

I'm assuming it's Win7 incompatible but I'm not certain.
Fails here.


FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2011-03-28
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


If you insist on playing back videos that are encoded in codecs that have jpeg-trash in them or are distorted from being encoded at a low k/sec, then you will find this program a definite blessing.

Not only does it have an option to run directly with Media Player Classic and do block-deinterleaving and other pre- and post- production outputs that can blur and filter out video artefacts but the codec is also a video encoder allowing you to encode multiple formats including .AVI using WMV XviD DivX Mp4 and several other popular formats as it's backboard.

We are rapidly entering an age where a video codec is not so much based on the quality it can compress a video but the quality of it's output through pre- and post- filters that clean it before it plays it back to be viewed by an audience.

Modern XviD already has a pop-up that appears in your taskbar to "clean" your video by adding interleave and "noise" to remove artefacts.

FFDShow does just that and can work with a large variety of video playback software and ultimately any video format to clean the video before being seen, Media Player Classic just being one of the programs it can work directly work.

You owe it to yourself to examine this incredible combination codec and filter that cleans and removes artefacts from your videos as they play back notwithstanding what video codec they were originally encoded in.

I am rating it Very Good, not Excellent, because the interface is HUGE and may appear cumbersome and complex to some, such as myself.


FastCodec 1.0 beta
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


Does what it says. Takes your video and about as fast as it can lightning slams it down into an .AVI at a terrible overhead. Nearly 5,200kbps for a 352x240 at 30fps.

Most DVDs save raw 720x480 30fps video at 4,800kbps so the compression of FC is lower than a DVD.

But if you are encoding from a DVD or some other volatile source like a live video, it's nice to have that final 2gb .AVI source to work with and there are no keyframes so every single frame is as clear and clean as it can get like the source forwards and backwards in VirtualDUB.

It's free too. No nasty tags appear anywhere on your video and the user interface is minimally minimalistic.

Visually Lossless or Absolutely Lossless.
Not much more than that.

I use visually lossless and obviously the end result video is DVD quality no matter how high the action gets.

Not really for archiving videos because of the tremendous overhead so you should stick with your DivX and XviDs for that stuff but very good if you want to get "hands on" the source video to compare compression algorithms from a FC .avi source.


DivX 8.1.2 updated
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


Ouch. Where to begin.

Let's see.
It's a big program, 46mb.
It took a long time to install.
I brought up VirtualDub, Virtualdub took a long time to load. It also took a long time to select the codec (locked up the computer for a bit each time I highlighted it in, they're doing something screwy there each time it's looked at).

I brought up a test video, tried to encode with it.

Then it crashed and brought up this message:
"Error Code 0x80044005"

Aaand it's a commercial codec, and they want money for their hard work ! Gimme gimme !

They're gonna have a long wait ! ☺

I'm running Win7/64-bit VirtualDub & tried TMPGenc Xpress, both crashed with it (and both programs took a LONG time to load too specifically because of DivX cause it's never acted like that before). All other codecs work fine.

I still recommend the top 3 codecs as #1 Google Video Codec, #2 XviD Codec and #3 Windows Media Video 9 Codec last.

Since this version of DivX actually slows down anything that even smells like it can play or edit an .AVI I must uninstall it to get the speed back on my computer, sad I know.


Adaptec DVSoft codec 1.11
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


I think the description they have is misleading.

This appears either to be one of those super-old codecs like Cinepak or it's for digital videocameras only. It has no options for compression except for a single item that said, "Single or double field." and that's it, no k/sec, nothing.

Aaand I couldn't even get it to work, it said:

"The current image resolution could not be used for a DV output."

Welp, I use 352x240 for all my stuff so if it won't do that I don't wanna play.


3ivx MPEG-4 5.0.2
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


You know, I wouldn't mind if a codec was commercial and wanted money because it was really GOOD but this codec is REALLY bad. It's like comparable quality to Mpeg-1 for k/sec and that's using a 352x240 15fps 128k/sec encoding ! And I know what Mpeg-1 looks like at low bitrates cause I spent years encoding them !

To top it off, it =IS= commercial so you get a delicious cherry red candy notice striped across every frame that says, "3ivX Trial" and in case they think you're gonna miss seeing it, it blooming covers your entire video diagonally like a bad package stamp !

If you want to match 3ivx quality without the mouth-watering and savory stamp, just use the free version of TMPGENC to encode an MPEG-1 and compare the two for yourself. That's sad, isn't it ?

Outside of that, if you want the best surpassing DivX, XviD, and even WMV9 or RealMagic, at 128k/sec IMHO is =STILL= Google Video Codec (VP8) which (thankfully) =IS= 100% Free although at this point in the game deserves to be commercial quality software with the comparative tests I've run it on so far.

Grab it quick before it =ISN'T= free is all I can offer you at this stage in your video encoding sessions !


REALmagic MPEG-4 Video Codec 1.1
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


(New rating, color me 0:Disappointed)

What started as a simple search for this rare codec turned into a recorded account of all-out corporate warfare.

I - had no idea that Sigma Designs, the author of RealMagic had sucked - and I mean sucked hard - on the XviD sourcecode and then tried to call it their own creation later.

I FINALLY found the codec after a lotta searching but read the following before you do decide to install it yourself.

There is an article of interest found here:

http://forum.videohelp .com/threads/57361-XVID-HAS-BEEN-SHUT-DOWN-AS-REALMAGIC-STEALS-CODEC

Quoting from Wikipedia:

In July 2002, Sigma Designs released an MPEG-4 video codec called the REALmagic MPEG-4 Video Codec. Before long, people testing this new codec found that it contained considerable portions of Xvid code. Sigma Designs was contacted and confirmed that a programmer had based REALmagic on Xvid, but assured that all GPL code would be replaced to avoid copyright infringement. When Sigma Designs released the supposedly rewritten REALmagic codec, the Xvid developers immediately disassembled it and concluded that it still contained Xvid code, only rearranged in an attempt to disguise its presence. The Xvid developers decided to stop work and go public to force Sigma Designs to respect the terms of the GPL. After articles were published in Slashdot and The Inquirer, in August 2002 Sigma Designs agreed to publish their source code.

I remember using it in the past (RealMagic) and I was pleasantly pleased with the quality of it, but I guess not now that I know it was ripped from hallowed XviD by Sigma (Smegma?), still, I wanna compare the two of them so ...

Before you install it yourself, read the following:

http://forum.doom9 .org/archive/index.php/t-32212.html

If you still wanna risk it, here ya go, but don't blame me if you have problems later cause it's got no uninstaller.

http://www.avs .com.ru/download76.html

I'm outta here !


SUPER 2011 build 47
on 09 April 2011, reviewed by: Gordon


v2011.build.47 (March 12, 2011) is an EXCELLENT program.
encodes flawlessly my VOB files to MP4 and my AVIs to WebM for web streaming.


MP3 Repair Tool 1.5.2
on 09 April 2011, reviewed by: jordan


Holy crap it actually worked!!!! I had mp3 files with all these weird symbols that would pop up when i played it and now its fixed all i did was select remove 1 and done.


UMPlayer 0.92
on 09 April 2011, reviewed by: MArk


Only good things. I tried several operations on UMPlayer. So far, flawless.


iPhone PC Suite
on 08 April 2011, reviewed by: shakir


Dear All i got good experience it worked.

If somebody is getting error during downloading please there is link download it from here i personally checked its working after installation pls follow up the steps which the ADMIN mention to delete two files.

After that again open the program it will start something take little time may downloading from net after its done....


Google VP8 Video Codec 1.1.0
on 08 April 2011, reviewed by: BaKalism


As my result, seem VP8 not so good with anime encoding. I tested x264 and VP8 with same files, my result is VP8 got a lot of blur but good shape, somehow it loss a lot of detail and x264 overall is good but not blur and less shaping than VP8 and yes x264 don't loss any detail like VP8.

My opinion is VP8 need to develop more to step forward on x264

Sorry for my bad language


XP Codec Pack 2.5.1
on 06 April 2011, reviewed by: Sunil N


Awesome. My media player started playing the vob files post installing of this.


GPL MPEG-1/2 DirectShow Decoder Filter 0.1.2
on 06 April 2011, reviewed by: Emma


It really works for me,but not working for divx player..but using VLC Media Player and windows media player it works really well..

Thanks to uploader!


DVD-Cloner 8.20
on 05 April 2011, reviewed by: Deadshot


I had a bad experience with it. After ripping a DVD and burned using Nero. The DVD plays well until an hour of movie, after an hour it jumps itself until the end. Any idea what is causing the jumping?
I have a Panasonic DVD player.


DVDStyler 1.8.3 final
on 04 April 2011, reviewed by: Ben


I'v been using DVDS for a while and it works very well. It's easy to use because there are no bells and whistles.

There are two problems that needs to be fixed in order for DVDS to be truly a good product.
1) It can create 16:9 videos but output is not HD even if source file is.
2) It has problems burning directly to DVD depending on hardware. I solved this problem buy burning to ISO first and use a different tool to burn the ISO file to disc. It never failed this way.


Winamp 5.61.3133
on 04 April 2011, reviewed by: Valkyr


Winamp is the best - if you install it properly it is not bloatware.

Use it with enhancer 0.17 plugin - it is an old plugin but once you install it, it changes all your mp3s to pure sound bliss. windows 7 needs an enhancer wrapper - google it - not big only kb.

been using winamp+enhancer and never change - dont even bother about foobar or other -you can't match the combination


Easy CD-DA Extractor 2011.2
on 03 April 2011, reviewed by: Gary M


This is the most featured Audio Converter that works. The multiple parallel converters feature is awesome !

Gives me error free rips every time, perfect !!


fre:ac (formely BonkEnc) 1.0.18
on 03 April 2011, reviewed by: Sayueri


Best free audio ripper and converter I've come across. It's fast and the quality of the files is excellent.


Winamp 5.61.3133
on 02 April 2011, reviewed by: Dwight


By far the best player/ free converter @24/32bit 192khz! Offers reference quality playback @ 64 bit floating point calculation/ 225db dynamic range with Power FX2 paid plugin (need a robust i series CPU)! I play it over HDMI on my Home Theater to enjoy excellent stereo imaging and high fidelity.

I have compared it with Window media 12, Spider, Nero Mulrimedia Hub 10 etc and found that Winamp 5.62 wins hands down.

Free version does not allow ripping to mp3, high bit HE ACC etc. However, you get free ripping into 320bit LC AAC, 128bit HE AAC, VBR/CBR WMA Pro, FLAC etc

Winamp has loads of customisation/settings right up to the plugin levels and hence make it a audiophile grade player.

i followed C:\WINDOWS\System32\OggDSuninst.exe
and uninstaledl it. it works well now, thanks for info. it helped alot here


K-Lite Codec Pack 7.0.0 Full, Standard and Basic
on 31 March 2011, reviewed by: svizac69


This app has become completely useless for 70% of the people because MPEG-4 encoder (along with 90% of other useful encoders)in FFdshow VFW is GONE! For f@ck sake leave it as an option... I guess You don't want users to do their encodings anymore.

In the last 3 months everybody I know has said farewell to this codec pack because of this single flaw. Good luck with it...and btw, FAREWELL!!

K-Lite_Codec_Pack_580_Mega.exe Please use an older version, i dont know why they removed it..

on 24 Jul 2011, by Older version


LAV CUVID Decoder 0.2
on 28 March 2011, reviewed by: 555



I think LAV CUVID Decoder is better than CoreAVC


AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) 2.55
on 28 March 2011, reviewed by: Nathan


I really like AutoGK as it makes conversion really easy.It is what I use to make AVI before turning it into MKV.

I sometimes do get the out of sync audio but instead of not using the video I downloaded virtual dub which lets me fix it really quickly.

I also got 'no suitable audio decompresor installed'on VD which I ignore and continue to fix my movie.


Codec 8.4
on 27 March 2011, reviewed by: SENOO


It is wonderful that we can use the newest codec.


VLC (VideoLAN Client) 1.1.8
on 26 March 2011, reviewed by: Mike S


I started using VLC about 4 or 5 years ago, when Windows Media Player wouldn't play a lot of the movies I had download,and never looked back.

Version 1.1.4 was real buggy with certain codecs for me but 1.1.8 everything so far is fine. I love the ability to customize so many settings, and the fact it take almost anything I can throw at it.

I donate to this project when ever I can.

Rating 9/10


AC3 Filter 1.63b
on 26 March 2011, reviewed by: David


Thanks so much it fix my problem straight away (dolby ac3 audio code 8192 ) i downloaded v 1.46


DVDStyler 1.8.3 rc2
on 26 March 2011, reviewed by: Mike


I use DVDStyler all of the author movies I have downloaded from torrents. Given the flex of this app, I can make them look pretty professional.

I have used avi ,mp4, mp3, mkv, flv, & even srt subtitle files with no problems. On the menus you can use png, jpeg, and ico files for backgrounds and buttons. You can dvds longer by lowering the bit rate, and make slide-shows on the fly.

Really the only complaint I have is when using wide screen movies they are stretched to fit a 16:9 screen and the picture is warped. The best work around is to add black borders to the original video on top & bottom so the ratio stays the same. This should be a built in option.

I rate DVDStyler 9 out of 10

  • x265

  • compared to x264 it is way too slow and good only at low bitrates
  • Light Alloy

  • Super player...... Design is so cool..... Love this media player......
  • Opus Audio Codec

  • LoRd_MuldeR builds not working after upx unpacking.
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