Windows Essentials Codec Pack 3.5
on 03 May 2011, reviewed by: justin


where can I download an offline installer for both x86/x64?


SPlayer 3.7.2055
on 03 May 2011, reviewed by: Bedanta


This is from my previous post (07 October 2010)

I like it all the way. But, I miss very badly the subtitle download feature (i.e. download subtitle in video file directory) which was available in V.3.5 but not available in v.3.6. Please add that feature.

I still love the player all the way. But, the feature I requested to add is not working properly. I mean "Save the same directory with the media file" is still not working in v.3.7.2055. Though it is present under the subtitle tab, it is not working at all. I selected the radio button before it and it's goes off when I press OK. Please short-out the problem.



DVD Flick
on 03 May 2011, reviewed by: april


works fine, good audio video quality. very slow though. but worth the wait.

the only problem iv encountered is, sometimes at the middle of the burning, when sources are being encoded, it just stops and says there was an error: disk full. but my disk isnt full and there is enough space. my burner also works fine. i dunno why it happens. and then it just gets fixed suddenly.

aside from that, it's good. not to mention, it's free :P


MP3 Splitter 2.0
on 03 May 2011, reviewed by: Jim Miller


I've used this splitter for years. It has a simple, intuitive interface. It will split only mp3 files, to my knowledge; but it has handled, and quickly split every file no matter the size.

MP3 Splitter only splits two ways. First a file can be split into a number of equal pieces. Secondly a file can be split into pieces of a specified length.

If you're looking for a simple straight forward splitter, I recommend this one.

I have not used the 'joiner' portion of this utility.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.1.0
on 02 May 2011, reviewed by: dahilig007


Do what Raymonardo (comment #313) said... And you guys will also be able to play rmvb files ^_^


fre:ac (formely BonkEnc) 1.0.18
on 01 May 2011, reviewed by: micnolmad


From the other modern-ui programs this toke 5min to understand but from that point I was very impressed both with the speed and quality.

I have yet to do a large batch but it seems quite stable. That fact that the ui is so "old-school" suggest the time was spend on making it work right.


SmartRipper 2.41
on 26 April 2011, reviewed by: BTDhero


usefull tool, free, easy to use ^:)^


K-Lite Codec Pack 7.1.0 Full, Standard and Basic
on 26 April 2011, reviewed by: Jack



Just try it for yourself. You have nothing to lose. The uninstall is very clean.

you rock

on 27 Apr 2011, by shadi


on 30 Apr 2011, by chamu


K-Lite Codec Pack 7.1.0 Full, Standard and Basic
on 25 April 2011, reviewed by: Immhotep


I was going to download the program after seeing it on Youtube. Now, I am really confused.


LAME MP3 Encoder 3.99 beta
on 25 April 2011, reviewed by: Alan


I always recommend "-b 192 -m s -h -q 0" configuration setting.


XMedia Recode
on 24 April 2011, reviewed by: GriZZly


Very good universal converter, Best I ever have seen.

Thumbs up for this Project.
if you like it, give a thank to the author.


XMedia Recode
on 24 April 2011, reviewed by: Bruce


Easy to instal quality music and no add on's.

Well Done.....


XMedia Recode
on 24 April 2011, reviewed by: Ardeshir


2 thumbs up!! Very nice encoder I've ever seen. Thank You ;)


K-Lite Codec Pack 7.1.0 Full, Standard and Basic
on 23 April 2011, reviewed by: David


K-Lite is an excellent choice if you want to be able to play all video files. Not so much the included codecs, but that it sets up MPC pretty good and includes some useful tools. Sure many of the codecs and tools you won't use, but they won't hurt you either.

Can't believe a guy complained about a "missing" encoder, and thinks he speaks for "70% of the users" (where do these guys get those statistics?) - use Handbrake for encoding and MPC for playing, like normal persons.


LAME MP3 Encoder 3.99 beta
on 23 April 2011, reviewed by: javi


Set this -b 192 -m j -h -V 0 -B 320

& you'll get the best encoder working always properly


AC3 Filter 1.63b
on 22 April 2011, reviewed by: Big_Man


d/l version 1.63b and it worked GREAT!! No trouble at all. Thanks


AC3 Filter 1.63b
on 20 April 2011, reviewed by: Tamara


Worked wonderfully! Thank you.


on 20 April 2011, reviewed by: ribastuka


No AVCHD playback out of the box. So "Best multimedia player ever Period" is a bit of an overstatement. If you want to watch your camcorder movies hassle-free there are other "best" free media players around, which actually work.


Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder
on 20 April 2011, reviewed by: Nicky


Thank You for this application.Now I can listen to my music and do my listening comprehension homework.A big thanks!


FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2011-04-11
on 19 April 2011, reviewed by: teleping


@ghencea RO
The encoders were removed from ffdshow due to being "outdated and buggy". Very, very sad thing to do :(

If you want to use the encoders, you should install a version which still has them, latest being from somewhere around Dec/2010. More info from doom9's forum or from the home page,
http://ffdshow-tryout.sourceforge .net


FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2011-04-11
on 18 April 2011, reviewed by: ghencea RO


I've installed this version of ffdshow and my previous codecs in vdub are gone. Don't have xvid and many others anymore, only 4 codecs (mjpeg, huffyuv, ffv1 and dv) which are not playing on my dvd player. Now I can't encode anything.

Any ideas? I am on XP SP3. The previous ffdshow worked ok.


nVIDIA PureVideo Decoder 1.02-223
on 18 April 2011, reviewed by: frankiek38


follow directions and still cant use it ...says wrong name


DFX Audio Enhancer 9.302
on 17 April 2011, reviewed by: silverize1208


Its really cool guys worth the price....

hey anyone of you has the best configuration for good bass quality?

i also bought a Sennheiser HD 405 Headset,,,
really having hardtime doing the balance for the sound


Nic's XviD Codec 2009.08.23
on 16 April 2011, reviewed by: Pr0c0d3r


Superb codec! The best version is old

Nic's XviD v1.1.0.Beta2.6.04.2005

Overall quality is much better than modern Nic's & Koepi's XviD-s and DivX v4-v8.

"Old version... because the new is not always better..."


AC3 Filter 1.63b
on 15 April 2011, reviewed by: Brant


Works...used version 1.63b. Thank you.


XP Codec Pack 2.5.1
on 15 April 2011, reviewed by: HyugA


it doesn't support new mkv format. i wonder why they stop updating this great codecpack.

please update this because i think it's the most efficient.

I use this product to play MKV files daily with no probs.

on 24 Nov 2011, by Drumb


Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder Pack 4.1
on 14 April 2011, reviewed by: Aracelli


I installed it but when I play the movie there's no sound :(


DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.39
on 13 April 2011, reviewed by: Darkmage40


i cant make it work and i do what the tutorial says ....

I get a syntax error on line 42.

on 15 Apr 2011, by Deez


SPlayer 3.6.1993
on 13 April 2011, reviewed by: The cigarette smoking man


Another update. SPlayer has a tearing effect when playing HD videos with fileextension.mkv. This isnt fixed till now.

Otherwise a very good player with low CPU consumption.


XP Codec Pack 2.5.1
on 11 April 2011, reviewed by: Stephen


I have some video files that I haven't been able to play with audio in WMP, DivX or Quicktime and have downloaded numerous codecs all to no avail.

I found this codec pack today, downloaded it and opened the file in the Media Player Classic and it worked perfectly! Thank you very much !


x264 Video Codec rev. 1924
on 11 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


There is a lot of positive talk about x264, and rightly so. For high-yield encodings, it does a better job than XviD, but for low bitrate encodings like 128kbps and a small screen size like 352x240, XviD still does a better job.

Minju, I am coming into terms with the Google Video Codec and it is definitely a strong contender for XviD in the field of low bitrate encodings.


Xvid Video Codec 1.3.1
on 11 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


This is one very good codec and has come a long way since it's humble origins. It does a considerably better job than the latest commercial DivX codec and has none of the bloatware or spyware attached to it as DivX does.

As of it's latest release, it now it provides it's own post-processor icon that appears in your taskbar when you are playing back an XviD video so you can fine-tune the way your video plays, including brightness adjust.

While Google Video is still a strong contender for XviD for anime, cartoons and flash to video, in the long run XviD is still better, especially for live-action movies.

There are also still a large # of portable devices out there that play XviD with no problem.

Since it is and will likely always remain free, it is in your best interests to try and compare this video codec for yourself with the other popular ones out there, especially commercial trialware DivX and see in this case the disgruntled workers of DivX who provided the public with XviD did in fact an incredible job in it's design.

Their words entirely, "what the community really wants is a Winamp, not a Linux."

As popular as WinAMP is today and as easy as it is use, I must fully agree. We're not all rocket scientists and XviD is definitely for encoding videos easily without confusion, slowing down your system, or tapping into your pocketbook as DivX does.


Combined Community Codec Pack ( CCCP ) 2010.10.10
on 11 April 2011, reviewed by: david leys


The last time this was bundled with software which led me to this site to download it totally f**ked computer i had lost my files and had to do a reformat :(

Admin's note: the installer is 100% clean. Obviuosly you didn't download the software from codecs.com


Google VP8 Video Codec 1.1.0
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


For EVERYTHING, live-action, cartoons, anime, and CGI, this video codec totally rocks. It beats the socks off XviD, DivX and WMV by far for small bitrate encodings (128kbps).

The quality is so good it doesn't need filters or video noise to "clean it up" afterwards like DivX and XviD do.

You owe it to yourself to look at this incredible video codec. It is a shame it does not play on my portable devices, compare and see for yourself the seriously improved quality at the same k/sec.

It also has a dirt simple user interface:
K/sec, quality-preset, and whether it's fixed, variable, or 1st/2nd pass.

My only complaint is I've encoded hundreds of videos in XviD now for the past several years and I seriously want to re-encode them all in GV now for the clearly marked improvement in the end video at the same k/sec. Augh ! ☺


Google VP8 Video Codec 1.1.0
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: Jack


Not really that excellent. DiVX 6.9.2 (Pro) encoding gives me an average of 30fps, XViD 1.3.1 23-25fps, VP8 barely 18fps on the same PC for the same film. Sometimes, while reading reviews, I feel like company employees write them.


UMPlayer 0.92
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: John Scott


I had a problem with the audio part.
When i play music, in my playlist doesn't show the length of the track until a play it.
And not always is correct.
Ex. Sean Paul - Press It Up is 03:44
In my playlist is 02:48.


PowerDVD 10.0.2701
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: lojin


i couldn't play .mkv files with powerdvd ultra 10...it shows the version doesn't support the format. and even it leads to a wrong version... what shall i do???

pls help...thanks in advance


QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: Gerard


Works fine, but an update is needed.


VP7 Personal Edition
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


Source video: CGI High-action, 1 minute, single pass, 352x240 15fps, 128kbps (16k/sec)

It certain encodes better than DivX or XviD or WMV at the same k/sec but still not as good as Google Video's codec, which I guess is not too surprising since GV is using VP8 and this is VP7.

This codec encodes slower than GV and I can't see an appreciable difference of two videos encoded at the same k/sec except that VP7 is about twice as slow with more configuration options than GV.

If you're curious, VP8 is a commercial codec so for Google to incorporate it as their own is great since it's 100% free to use in your own projects and their minimal interface works fine certainly for what I need.


Windows Media Format 11 Runtime
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


Not good.

I'm running it in Win7 64-bit with 22gb of hard-drive space free and it says, "Not enough storage is available to process this command. Installation did not complete."

I'm assuming it's Win7 incompatible but I'm not certain.
Fails here.

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