Winamp 5.61.3133
on 02 April 2011, reviewed by: Dwight


By far the best player/ free converter @24/32bit 192khz! Offers reference quality playback @ 64 bit floating point calculation/ 225db dynamic range with Power FX2 paid plugin (need a robust i series CPU)! I play it over HDMI on my Home Theater to enjoy excellent stereo imaging and high fidelity.

I have compared it with Window media 12, Spider, Nero Mulrimedia Hub 10 etc and found that Winamp 5.62 wins hands down.

Free version does not allow ripping to mp3, high bit HE ACC etc. However, you get free ripping into 320bit LC AAC, 128bit HE AAC, VBR/CBR WMA Pro, FLAC etc

Winamp has loads of customisation/settings right up to the plugin levels and hence make it a audiophile grade player.

i followed C:\WINDOWS\System32\OggDSuninst.exe
and uninstaledl it. it works well now, thanks for info. it helped alot here


K-Lite Codec Pack 7.0.0 Full, Standard and Basic
on 31 March 2011, reviewed by: svizac69


This app has become completely useless for 70% of the people because MPEG-4 encoder (along with 90% of other useful encoders)in FFdshow VFW is GONE! For f@ck sake leave it as an option... I guess You don't want users to do their encodings anymore.

In the last 3 months everybody I know has said farewell to this codec pack because of this single flaw. Good luck with it...and btw, FAREWELL!!

K-Lite_Codec_Pack_580_Mega.exe Please use an older version, i dont know why they removed it..

on 24 Jul 2011, by Older version


LAV CUVID Decoder 0.2
on 28 March 2011, reviewed by: 555



I think LAV CUVID Decoder is better than CoreAVC


AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) 2.55
on 28 March 2011, reviewed by: Nathan


I really like AutoGK as it makes conversion really easy.It is what I use to make AVI before turning it into MKV.

I sometimes do get the out of sync audio but instead of not using the video I downloaded virtual dub which lets me fix it really quickly.

I also got 'no suitable audio decompresor installed'on VD which I ignore and continue to fix my movie.


Codec 8.4
on 27 March 2011, reviewed by: SENOO


It is wonderful that we can use the newest codec.


VLC (VideoLAN Client) 1.1.8
on 26 March 2011, reviewed by: Mike S


I started using VLC about 4 or 5 years ago, when Windows Media Player wouldn't play a lot of the movies I had download,and never looked back.

Version 1.1.4 was real buggy with certain codecs for me but 1.1.8 everything so far is fine. I love the ability to customize so many settings, and the fact it take almost anything I can throw at it.

I donate to this project when ever I can.

Rating 9/10


AC3 Filter 1.63b
on 26 March 2011, reviewed by: David


Thanks so much it fix my problem straight away (dolby ac3 audio code 8192 ) i downloaded v 1.46


DVDStyler 1.8.3 rc2
on 26 March 2011, reviewed by: Mike


I use DVDStyler all of the author movies I have downloaded from torrents. Given the flex of this app, I can make them look pretty professional.

I have used avi ,mp4, mp3, mkv, flv, & even srt subtitle files with no problems. On the menus you can use png, jpeg, and ico files for backgrounds and buttons. You can dvds longer by lowering the bit rate, and make slide-shows on the fly.

Really the only complaint I have is when using wide screen movies they are stretched to fit a 16:9 screen and the picture is warped. The best work around is to add black borders to the original video on top & bottom so the ratio stays the same. This should be a built in option.

I rate DVDStyler 9 out of 10


1by1 1.72
on 25 March 2011, reviewed by: Alan


I searched for this kind of file player and tried most of them out there. I found that none of the others could provide the features and ease of use that 1by1 could provide.

I absolutely love not having to create playlists or download some type of propriatary software to enable the playing of the music files I have. I wanted a randomizer to prevent the line up of my music becoming predictable and stale.

This player is by far 100% better than all the BS jukebox / DJ player software apps offered for free or for sale on the internet. Of course there are several improvements that the developers could make to 1by1, but for now the player meets and exceeds my needs in it's current form. I'de like to say thank you to the software developers for creating this software and for offering as freeware!!

They truly understood what was needed in a randomizer player and how using it can totally maximize my enjoyment and listenability of the music which I have collected with pride over the years.

Thank you.
Alan M - Toronto, Ontario Canada


on 25 March 2011, reviewed by: clyde


i recently downloaded the dvdfab 8.077en and it doesnt work properly when i click on the monkey icon on my desktop it states i have to go online to fix the program and it never goes to the online to the site to get it fixed


CUE Splitter 1.2 final
on 25 March 2011, reviewed by: dsfdgfd


How does split flac since it doesnt recongnise flac ? It $uck$


AviDemux 2.5.4
on 24 March 2011, reviewed by: Praveen Kumar


Excellent program. Built in codecs, not found any problem while converting to different formats


Folder2Iso 1.5
on 24 March 2011, reviewed by: anon


I have been using this program for like forever with not one not even one problem.

Lovely piece of kit.

Sadly no context menu support though


Adobe Flash Player final
on 23 March 2011, reviewed by: Lucy Fair


No sync. Poor hardware support.

Tons of bugs working as backdoors.

Looks more like a spyware suite and a malware launcher.


AVI ReComp 1.5.3
on 21 March 2011, reviewed by: xenesys


easy, excellent works. a very good software :D


ACE Mega CodecS Pack 6.03 - Professional Edition
on 20 March 2011, reviewed by: Paul Louis Seize


After having this installed I had very few issues, or so I thought. After about 3 months of haveing certain avi files causing Windows Media Player to crash I uninstalled this codec pack and it worked fine. Ironic that a codec is suposed to help files work is messing them up.

My oppionion is that they lumped these codecs together without seeing which ones conflicted. If you're having BEC errors THIS IS THE PROBLEM.


iPhone PC Suite
on 20 March 2011, reviewed by: Blue


Doesn't even start, useless crap. 1/5


Codec Tweak Tool 4.8.4
on 18 March 2011, reviewed by: vance


You installed/uninstalled Radlight Player and/or other Radlight Software after reading fake black hat internet propaganda reviews.

Now your system is F@*ked! Gspot tells you it's screwed, but can't do anything to help you, well finally this tool does something.

Stop right now, close all of your other tabs linking to various bullsh@t 'apps' claiming to help you repair codecs and install this one.

This tool actually does something quickly and lets you get back to watching pr0n instead of screwing around with your filters and codecs and reading various articles with 20-step instructions on how register this and test that BS.

Whoever developed this, THANK YOU!!!!


Realtek ALC882 HD Audio Codecs 2.58
on 18 March 2011, reviewed by: Tran Thanh Nhan


This version works OK under XP !


Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
on 18 March 2011, reviewed by: guilherme


just a question: how can this version number be higher than the one found on the official site?

This version is compiled by XvidVideo; it is specified on download links.

on 18 Mar 2011, by admin


Xvid Video Codec 1.3.0
on 18 March 2011, reviewed by: RottieGirl


This version seems to make my avi thumbnail images upside down.


FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2011-03-07
on 17 March 2011, reviewed by: Tom


Downloaded the latest 64 bit but it will not run on Win7 64 bit. My processor supports MMx,SSE and SSe2 as required.


VAC3ACM 0.3a
on 16 March 2011, reviewed by: Al G


The new version of this AC3/DTS ACM codec is inside the AC3 Filter.


DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.39
on 15 March 2011, reviewed by: flik_ganteng26


it works well on my windows 7 on power dvd 10 mark II ultra version.


Hi, how did you make it run with PDVD 10 ? I have win 7 x64 and tried the Always load option in DirectVobSub and what it does is:it appears for a very brief period in the notification area of the taskbar and then disappears. Of course, the movie doesnt show any subtitle (its an AVI file with a SUB extension, if it makes any difference).

I have the same problem in PowerDVD 11.Thanks in advance,James.

on 09 May 2011, by James


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.0.0
on 14 March 2011, reviewed by: hazizi


KLM is my only codec I prefer to use since 2004...

it easy, simple, , support most video, light and fast...

I hope for the next KLM Codec...it would have video rotating feature...

coz some of my recording video was record upside down...

it would be useful if have it...


Avi2Dvd 0.6.2
on 14 March 2011, reviewed by: Pail Snibbins


There were a ton of bugs in the last version, and the changelog is tiny. I think the only real change was to update the paypal link.


on 14 March 2011, reviewed by: Friedell


Well, ive not the problems mentioned by Olong with the actual version and a old Athlon X2 6000 CPU under Win7/64Bit. 1080p MKVs using under 20% CPU-Power.

Im not a coder but probably the player-soft got a failed enhancement handling multicore-cpus in the last version.


Mobile 3GP Converter 1.1.0
on 12 March 2011, reviewed by: elodia


thumbs up for this really nice converter. it does what it's supposed to do, at least on my win7.

4 not 5 stars, because it turnes a 90sec video (original size 1.5mb) into 100mb... would be nice if you could adjust the quality and thereby the size =D


Winamp PowerPlayer II 2.40d
on 12 March 2011, reviewed by: kurbads


Does not work with nsv streams. What's a point? Continue to play with bars.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.0.0
on 10 March 2011, reviewed by: Eneimi


Ease up Hatem.

Just follow Raymonardo's instructions: download http://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/windows-essential-20071007.zip and extract. Copy the five dll files to C:\windows\system32. That's it.

Worked like a charm. Thanks Raymonardo.


on 10 March 2011, reviewed by: Oolong


Just comment again to say I given up playing with its settings and got a bit older copy The KMPlayer CUDA + HAM DXVA from net and now it runs very good even better than I tweak myself. They add CoreAVC/MPC-HC Audio & Video Decoder/Cyberlink Decoder. No Sync issues or anything.

I noticed it however uses 30-50% CPU of my AMD 6 Core compare to official build own settings which only uses 10-15%


iPhone PC Suite
on 09 March 2011, reviewed by: Robin Hood


It works! After you've gone through some chinese windows, hopefully clicking on the right buttons. Then check the language box, and surprise, surpise: most of the text you see is in English.

Be sure to make a recovery point when installing this piece of software.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.0.0
on 09 March 2011, reviewed by: Hatem


Very useful pack as usual , but unfortunately Real audio codec (COOK) problem still exists , the reason is obvious the codec is copyrighted and nonfree and this pack is free and still there isn't any alternative libraries .

I tried the solution mentioned in FAQ on my win7 and didn't work , after coping the five dlls and still the same problem playing RMVBs . I think in win7 it's the ***king user privileges issues preventing the mpc-hc from accessing a directory or I should install mpc instead .

And I noticed some lag playing FLVs as well .

keep the god work up and thanks

yes yes i agree,... FLV is kinda laggy and still cant play RMVB file,...but the rest are perfect,...like its name, its a real mega codec !!!

on 12 Apr 2011, by ojokesusu

download cook.dll & put in system32 then install K-Lite Mega Codec 7.0.0 .. its working well for me

on 20 Apr 2011, by Ben


Windows Media Player Plus! 1.1
on 09 March 2011, reviewed by: leon


It's good, except for the problem that it does not restore media after you close and open the player. Even though i have it set for it to do so.

It does provide me with media info while it's playing. It enhances my searching for media in my player.

Hi, Im the author of Windows Media Player Plus. Do you still have this problem with the latest version (2.1)? If so, then I suggest that you contact me by e-mail for further troubleshooting.

You can find my e-mail address in Windows Media Player Plus! Settings - About, or on the Windows Media Player Plus! homepage.

on 31 Mar 2011, by Tim De Baets


on 08 March 2011, reviewed by: Oolong


Weird player, so much options and doesn't always work at its best.

Example my old 1.7ghz (retired) pc I run all mkv properly up to 720p. Now new AMD 6 core I had issue at beginning with 1080p so I got CoreAVC and keep changing setting until able to more or less properly run 1080p then I checked and noticed after short while SD mkv files goes out of sync! which never happen on old pc.

I ended up deleting Kmplayer registry to forced it to give real default settings before tweaking again for it to run CoreAVC. Now finally looks like SD & HD mkv can run properly without sync or etc issues.


DVDFab beta
on 08 March 2011, reviewed by: john


DVDFab, the best copy software for the moment, never got problems, so keep on the good work. Regards John.


WinFF Video Converter 1.3.2
on 06 March 2011, reviewed by: adam


Beware not to have a Windows user name that contains special characters, like "^" or ""


QT Lite 4.1.0
on 06 March 2011, reviewed by: Disappointed


Using XP Home SP3, QT failed to initialize in a Google Chrome browser. When in the configuration screen, going to the Audio tab crashes. Useless


Corel WinDVD 2010 (formerly WinDVD Platinum)
on 06 March 2011, reviewed by: omnomnom


This program takes FOREVER to load blu rays, that is, if it does decide to work and not randomly turn off your laptop's display forcing you to restart until it works. But wait, there's more. On some hdtvs, it will not play the dts audio.

This program is the worst piece of nuts that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with and I recommend that you look around for superior blu ray software, such as Arcsoft's Total Media Theatre.

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  • Syas it is not a valid Win32 Application
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