XP Codec Pack 2.5.1
on 27 May 2011, reviewed by: Dot


About two weeks ago, my CPU got the 'XP Home Security' virus...to make a VERY LONG story short, my work files (after soooo many hours of creating new user profile, downloading antivirus software, and almost losing my mind) which need Windows Media Player, would sound like chipmunks gone amuk!!!

I had racked my brain trying to 'fix' this problem. Thank goodness I found this Codec Pack/site! After downloading and installing the XP Codec Pack, I now can use my WAV pedal again and my work files sound fine...NO MORE CHIPMUNKS :)


madFLAC 1.10
on 26 May 2011, reviewed by: Haines


It works just like it says it does.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.1.0
on 26 May 2011, reviewed by: ilham


thanks to Raymonardo, the rmvb type now no longer asks for cook codec. It works!! ;)
K-Lite is the most player i always prefer when watching favorite movies. But recently they got some bugs, ain't it? Hope it will be fixed soon.. =)


AC3 Filter 1.63b
on 24 May 2011, reviewed by: kaaz


im very happy..everthin work perfectly....the only site that help to solve my problem....cheers


Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder
on 24 May 2011, reviewed by: shinchan


thanks for the advice! i could finally listen to my music!!


LAME MP3 Encoder 3.99 beta
on 24 May 2011, reviewed by: james


wow this is the best mp3 converter im able to save mp3 at 96kbps and they sound the same as 128kb now ill be able to put some ore songs on my 4gb mp3 player thanks


Windows XP AVI Fix 1.01
on 22 May 2011, reviewed by: Martin Sloan


This is a scam. It doesn't fix anything. It doesn't give your system the ability to run avi's it just changes a setting in your avi capable viewer if you already have one.


Sharp G.726 Audio Codec
on 21 May 2011, reviewed by: Cory


Finally it works! Such an easy fix. That being said, has anyone had trouble with the sound? I can watch my videos through the HP quickplay, but I get no sound.

The other thing is that if I leave the files as ASX and move them into my Picasa 3 I can now watch them. Again, the issue is that I have no sound.

So close and yet so far.

Thanks for your help and it's a great site. I have been here before but never commented.


Same issue with .mp4 video generated by a D-link DCS-2210 camera. On W7, I can easily read the video but no sound. Audio codec is G.276. Any idea?

on 26 Apr 2012, by albator131


Media Player Classic
on 20 May 2011, reviewed by: truc


I know this is not meant for a AV player.........

but is it possible to give mpc features for viewing images (like a slideshow) along with the ability to stertch 4:3 images to 16:9 (as for videos) and view it on a HDTV/normalTV as a slideshow ?

it would be nice!! hope it will be there in the next release


FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2011-05-12
on 20 May 2011, reviewed by: spoozum


To make it work:

1. You must have the right version depending on what player you use. A 64bit-player needs the 64bit-version of ffdshow, and 32bit-player needs 32bit version. This (sometimes) means the installation of both 32- and 64-bit versions to make all players work with ffdshow.

2. You need to set the priority to MAX in the ffdshow-setup. To do this, you must run ffdshow-configuration in administration-mode (right-click the setup in menu-bar and run 'as administrator'), then alter the priority-bar. Do this at all places / at both 32-bit and 64-bit versions to be sure.

Don't blame me if this is not official way 8-)


AC3 Filter 1.63b
on 19 May 2011, reviewed by: Jesus


OMG I've been looking for something like this. Thanks a lot it worked great and very easy to install. Thanks :)


Media Player Classic
on 19 May 2011, reviewed by: Pavithran


Very good but still,sometimes,I experience lagging when I'm watching AVI vids.I used the same file to be played in WMP and I dont see any lags.Media Player Classic is awesome.Fast responding unlike WMP which takes a while to play the song (maybe 2-3 sec or so..) but media player classic starts right away.I love that.

And there is another hiccup.The "Add to Playlist" option is not available for the media player classic.If there is one,things would be much easier.

Good luck,Your Awesomeness.


Adobe Media Player 1.8
on 19 May 2011, reviewed by: L_H_


The player in direct link, or official mirror, is a version 1.7 of itself. I have the Creative Suite CS5 and it really contain the version 1.8 of player (Build 600929):http://www.4shared .com/file/K1If5YJL/adobe_media_player.html.

The player was descontinued, and would be good to have a copy of the latest version, for it is considered an good or best player, same in low definition videos quality. Support the following formats: MOV, MP4, MP4V, M4V, 3GP, 3GPP2, 3G2, F4V, FLV, and SWF natively. The performance is variable, depending of the processor.

Adobe makes their programs based in processor Intel (I can run this it program in one AMD Athlon XP, same being an CS5 integrant program - based in Intel SSE2 instruction). The version in this site is the 1.7, and it not enter in this notice. Read more in wikipedia.

thank you

on 15 Jun 2012, by rami


Freemake Video Converter 2.1.5
on 18 May 2011, reviewed by: Tempus3


Good idea, but the net framework makes the software a no-go for me. I would really like to see the developers get rid of that requirement.

Freemake, however much I try to use, defies me. It is still way behind the other free Convertor X Media recode, now even better than Win Avi.

on 19 May 2011, by Zuleik


DFX Audio Enhancer 9.302
on 18 May 2011, reviewed by: SkyBlaze


Ever wondered how to make your speakers louder?
Make you audio clearer? Or have super-hi bass?

DFX Audio Enhancer is your road to a whole new listening pleasure. Giving you whole loads of options to choose for your audio (bass, ambient, fidelity, 3DSurround, Dynamic Boost), it even comes with skins to suit your taste!

DFX Audio Enhancer REALLY does improve audio. Although only music players, it is very effective. In other words, DFX IS MAGIC!

I hope that FXSound will release another version, but this time altering the WHOLE audio output of a computer, for eg. When viewing vids in browser or even enhanced game SFX.

DFX Audio Enhancer all the way! Go go go~


DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.40
on 18 May 2011, reviewed by: Nyroi


I can not get this vesion to work, so i go for 2.39 that version works with WMP 11 in Vista


on 18 May 2011, reviewed by: Glenn


Img Burn not compatible with current version DVDFab Have to use built in burner VSO which is slow


on 17 May 2011, reviewed by: Zuleikha


Does not seem to work on Windows 7.


K-Lite Codec Pack 7.1.0 Full, Standard and Basic
on 17 May 2011, reviewed by: Gayan Kapila


excellent choice for ppl who wants all codecs in one pack . i have been trusting k lite codec pack for years and i cant stop using the media player classic that comes with it because of its simplicity and options .

amazing combination keep it up and thx for spending your time for us we really appreciate it .


FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2011-05-12
on 16 May 2011, reviewed by: Jack


Open FFDShow Audio Decoder and FFDShow Video Decoder and click Codecs on the left. Choose which formats you'd like to be handled by which decoder and click Apply/OK.


FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2011-05-12
on 14 May 2011, reviewed by: Sentosa


I downloaded the ffdshow software recently and read through the instructions, still did not find any info how to apply it.

Do I need to select the video to play through the ffdshow software, or it is not necessary at all to open and run this software as the programme once installed, will be effective in the background ?

If you insist on playing back videos that are encoded in codecs that have jpeg-trash in them or are distorted from being encoded at a low ksec, then you will find this program a definite blessing.

Not only does it have an option to run directly with Media Player Classic and do block-deinterleaving and other pre- and post- production outputs that can blur and filter out video artefacts but the codec is also a video encoder allowing you to encode multiple formats including .AVI using WMV XviD DivX Mp4 and several other popular formats as its backboard.We are rapidly entering an age where a video codec is not so much based on the quality it can compress a video but the quality of its output through pre- and post- filters that clean it before it plays it back to be viewed by an audience.

Modern XviD already has a pop-up that appears in your taskbar to clean your video by adding interleave and noise to remove artefacts.FFDShow does just that and can work with a large variety of video playback software and ultimately any video format to clean the video before being seen, Media Player Classic just being one of the programs it can work directly work.

You owe it to yourself to examine this incredible combination codec and filter that cleans and removes artefacts from your videos as they play back notwithstanding what video codec they were originally encoded in.I am rating it Very Good, not Excellent, because the interface is HUGE and may appear cumbersome and complex to some, such as myself. bot you in james natasha go thed ese we faot

on 20 May 2011, by nathan

I have the same question Where is the answer???

on 18 May 2011, by jeff


LAME ACM MP3 Codec 3.98.4
on 13 May 2011, reviewed by: zebulon


if you encounter problems to install it under Seven (for ex), try the method explained at this url (http://granjow .net/virtualdub-tutorial-installing.html) -- this worked fine for me :)


DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.40
on 12 May 2011, reviewed by: some


DirectvobSub 2.40 doesn't work on Win 7 x86 (WMP12), i see green icon, but there is no subtitles on screen (i tried avi and mkv files, no luck to see subs). I use VSFilter and it works fine so far.


MP3 Quality Modifier 1.41
on 11 May 2011, reviewed by: Mido Remedie



I came across MQM (MP3 Quality Modifier 1.41) when I was struggling with a lack of disk space.

I'm trying to create a kind of document (database) for my first grand child, which represents an overview of all modern music at this moment, called "The day before you came". And trying to fit it on one standard 320 GB USB disk.

Up till now I reviewed about 11.000 cdees and several hundreds of personal collections and playlists (including Indie).

The document consists of seven parts: a cd top 1000 (1100 to be sure), collections of all major (about 700) artists, collections of about 25 genres, 25 locally oriented mainstreams (African, Arabic, etc.), a collection of important events (Woodstock etc), some externally generated collections (Rolling Stone, top 1000, etc) and a personal view of about 50 compilations called "Dutch Treat".

So I have a lot of files. And I want the best quality (if it sounds good, it\'s more likely you appreciate the music).

So MQM looks like the perfect solution for me (although it should be a feature of other more commonly used programs).

My first experiment had a strange result. The file became bigger! Obviously the program does not look at an optimum but reacts on a chosen quality. This is not what you want when you have a library whit several different bitrates.

I just want the smallest files without loosing quality and without me knowing what kind of settings I'll have to choose to achieve it.

For my trash library (too good for the trash bin) I could choose Variable 170-210. That is good enough. However 128 Kbps will be enlarged substancely! Not very useful.

I used replace (I trust the program and can't check all files anyway) and my preset button was blanked out. So it was suggested not to use the presets anyway (although it did). So probably just a display issue.

Converting files up and down the quality ladder gave some unexpected results. so be careful.

My advise: use the program for all files from which you are sure that the bit rate settings will cover those from the files. I created bit rate depended libraries (128, 160,192, 224, 256, 320) (I used mp3tag) and run the program using variable, stereo and bit rate that covers the one of the file(s). The result will save at least 10% of disk space.

My ears and eyes (tags) could not find any difference. In fact sometimes I had the impression that some noise was reduces as well. Sometimes my WMP enthusiastically reported that the file had become 320 Kbps. That looks quite solid.

I even tried some lower bitrates and could save some 40% of disk space without noticing the difference. However I love transparent music and more complicated music (metal) is much more critical.

In short, quite a good and effective (free) tool which would be quite handy when it's able to select the "best" bit rate settings automatically per file. Then you could use for instance, a slide bar with the desired quality percentage on a long list of different rated MP3 files.

Some additional small remarks:

After converting a small library, my list of size changes was sorted descending (from 50 to 8%). I doubt people like that, why not the original order.

Adding a directory should start with the last used entry. This prevents unnecessary and annoying repetitions.

The file list presented does not give you the option of selecting parts of the list. It's all or one. Enabling this option will save a lot of time.

Running the program multiple times on the same file results in minor quality loss.

Listing a selected folder take about 1 minute per 1.000 entries. Not too fast I think.

Compressing a file takes on average some 12 sec per file. Not too bad! So, for me that's about 1.200.000 seconds (hum 20.000 hours to go?!). 20 minutes for about hundred files sounds a bit better.



MP3 Quality Modifier 1.41
on 11 May 2011, reviewed by: Mido Remedie


A correction to my just submitted review
20.000 hours should be 20.000 minutes or better 3.350 hours. Looks much better!


XMedia Recode
on 10 May 2011, reviewed by: William Wright


something is very wrong with version Crashes everytime I start recode. No problem with


HuffYUV 2.2.0
on 10 May 2011, reviewed by: zebulon



It run great with XP, but... how to install it or, how to know if it's installed (in Seven 64bit) ?

I can't get pictures in VirtualDubMod (, even with ffdshow:
"Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'FFVH' (unknown)..."

I tried with 64 and 32bit versions of ffdshow, but it is the same.



Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
on 10 May 2011, reviewed by: Michael


Great player, have been a big fan of it since they have DXVA support Win XP which VLC didn't.


I fully agree with you, it has been for a long time the official Sourceforge site haven't cared to update, it's truly rotten!!!
The guys who are pushing it forward have the latest version at:
http://www.xvidvideo .ru/media-player-classic-home-cinema-x86-x64/

An that's the place from where I DL all my versions since a year back, the Official Sourceforge page haven't updated for single damn version for nearly a year until this spring, but now again ABANDONED for couple of months, I suggest someone else take it over if they can't keep up the latest version, or at least they could provide a link to xvidvideo .ru so people can get the latest updates!


DivX Free 5.2.1
on 09 May 2011, reviewed by: cwood


i keep getting 1 screen or sometimes 2 screens that keep popping up every time i click on to something.it reads at top message from webpage- console.log:divx hiq debug:hiq update.this is really driving me crazy and i can't get it to stop popping up.

could you please stop it or tell me how to stop them from popping up. thanks cwood


XP Codec Pack 2.5.1
on 08 May 2011, reviewed by: Helen


I worked for hours to get sound and even bought Roxio thinking that it would have what was needed to get audio to play with the video - but nothing worked until I downloaded the XP Codec Pack. Thank you


REAPER 4.0 beta 2
on 08 May 2011, reviewed by: poundsmack


Fantastic software, highly reccomend!


Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder Pack 4.1
on 05 May 2011, reviewed by: TaRo33


Yes I installed this to play an UMD iso video (.MPS extension, it says MPEG MEDIA)
The video's working now, but there's still no sound!
I hope for the future improvement.

how you can see these Codecpack not support many AUDIO CODECS! so plz use mediainfo for checking audio and video codec requirements!

on 06 Mar 2012, by grizzly


PowerDVD 11.0.1620
on 04 May 2011, reviewed by: kalam


I just bought and install the full version of powerdvd 11 and everything is working fine except can't play music files or any audio files (no sounds) but can only watch DVD with high definition audio.


Windows Essentials Codec Pack 3.5
on 03 May 2011, reviewed by: justin


where can I download an offline installer for both x86/x64?


SPlayer 3.7.2055
on 03 May 2011, reviewed by: Bedanta


This is from my previous post (07 October 2010)

I like it all the way. But, I miss very badly the subtitle download feature (i.e. download subtitle in video file directory) which was available in V.3.5 but not available in v.3.6. Please add that feature.

I still love the player all the way. But, the feature I requested to add is not working properly. I mean "Save the same directory with the media file" is still not working in v.3.7.2055. Though it is present under the subtitle tab, it is not working at all. I selected the radio button before it and it's goes off when I press OK. Please short-out the problem.



DVD Flick
on 03 May 2011, reviewed by: april


works fine, good audio video quality. very slow though. but worth the wait.

the only problem iv encountered is, sometimes at the middle of the burning, when sources are being encoded, it just stops and says there was an error: disk full. but my disk isnt full and there is enough space. my burner also works fine. i dunno why it happens. and then it just gets fixed suddenly.

aside from that, it's good. not to mention, it's free :P


MP3 Splitter 2.0
on 03 May 2011, reviewed by: Jim Miller


I've used this splitter for years. It has a simple, intuitive interface. It will split only mp3 files, to my knowledge; but it has handled, and quickly split every file no matter the size.

MP3 Splitter only splits two ways. First a file can be split into a number of equal pieces. Secondly a file can be split into pieces of a specified length.

If you're looking for a simple straight forward splitter, I recommend this one.

I have not used the 'joiner' portion of this utility.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.1.0
on 02 May 2011, reviewed by: dahilig007


Do what Raymonardo (comment #313) said... And you guys will also be able to play rmvb files ^_^


fre:ac (formely BonkEnc) 1.0.18
on 01 May 2011, reviewed by: micnolmad


From the other modern-ui programs this toke 5min to understand but from that point I was very impressed both with the speed and quality.

I have yet to do a large batch but it seems quite stable. That fact that the ui is so "old-school" suggest the time was spend on making it work right.


SmartRipper 2.41
on 26 April 2011, reviewed by: BTDhero


usefull tool, free, easy to use ^:)^

  • DFX Audio Enhancer

  • is this free to use, full version?
  • AC-3 ACM Codec

  • I got the message error: No audio decompressor could be found .... error tag:2000 :(
  • Gom Player

  • GOM player deosnt support mkv files...im trying play them but the audio is missing..
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