Velos Ends Patent Pool for HEVC, Simplifying Video Codec Licensing

Velos has decided to put an end to its patent pool for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), which could make licensing of video codecs easier.

Hevc Velos


HEVC is a highly efficient video codec used in various applications like streaming, broadcasting, and video conferencing.

Velos' decision to end its patent pool will simplify the licensing process for HEVC and potentially reduce costs for licensees.

Previously, companies that wanted to use HEVC would have to negotiate separate licenses for each patent holder. This was a time-consuming and costly process.

By ending its patent pool, Velos has made it easier for companies to license HEVC by removing one of the barriers to entry.

Companies will now only need to negotiate with a smaller number of patent holders, which could reduce the overall cost of licensing.

Velos has stated that it will continue to enforce its patents, but it will do so through individual licensing agreements rather than a patent pool.

This means that companies that use HEVC will still need to obtain licenses from Velos if they are using any of its patented technologies.

Velos' decision to end its patent pool for HEVC is a positive step for the industry. It will simplify the licensing process for companies that want to use HEVC and potentially reduce costs.

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