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FreeRIP 3.61
on 15 October 2011
I don't know what rating to give so I put it in the middle. I'd used an earlier version of FreeRip for years and it had worked flawlessly, then a computer hiccup caused a problem that prevented me from opening the program. I did a Revo Uninstall, then downloaded this new version, and... Ugh.

It tried to bundle in a bunch of toolbars and search bars which I noticed just in time to uncheck - I hadn't on my desktop and ended up with a great gob of malware, necessitating a System Restore to correct. Then when I got it installed and used it, I found that those nice green progress bars that tell you both track and disc progress were gone. The program has been "improved" with a percentage readout that shows up across from the track title.

Moral of the story: Don't screw up something that works perfectly well on its own, for the sake of change for change's sake.

To my disgust, I've found so far that nobody has older versions of FreeRip available for download. Some will call it "3.2" or whatever, then download version 3.6.

So it looks like I'm going to have to search for a new CD ripping freeware program, and that's a shame because FreeRip had been a flawless program. Emphasis on tense.
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TeflonHeretic, so which version was the best?

In FreeRIP 3.61, was there anything you did not like to try an older or newer version? I generally download my favorite versions from sites like FileHippo, OldApps, OldVersion or FileHorse.

on 21 Feb 2013, by Andrew

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FreeRIP 3.61
on 27 September 2011
I ripped almost a dozen of classic and pop music cd with EAC and FreeRip and listened them for many days for capture quality difference betwin the two programs.

Result: EAC privilege a robust sound in middle and low frequencies with highs not always crystalline and overall sound not a lot analytic between instruments sections.

FreeRip, contrarily, is extremely analitic and perfectly balanced in all sectors of audio spectrum and very near to original cd.

I think that FreeRip is the best ripper with a very natural sound. Do your comparison and enjoy your music.

Consider the best audio quality only, not others outsides of rip programs.
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