winLAME 2023

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winLAME is one of the best audio encoders, which provides a wizard-style user interface for converting your music to MP3, OGG and other popular formats.

It uses the LAME MP3 Encoder library for encoding and the MAD library for decoding.

The file formats supported by winLAME are WAV, OGG, WMA, MPG, M3U, CUE, COV and many others.

Working with winLAME is fast and simple as the program supports batch processing and it allows you to preview songs using a built-in music player.

winLAME provides several output modules you can select from, such as the LAME MP3 Encoder, the Opus Encoder. the OGG Vorbis Encoder, the Wave Output and the Windows Media Audio Encoder.

Of course, you can select the desired output folder and you can determine winLAME to delete the original tracks when encoding is completed, to overwrite existing files and to perform several tasks after finishing encoding.

Other assets of winLAME are the small size, the detailed HTML help file, the easy install and uninstall process (winLAME is in fact portable) and the modular, multi-channel architecture.
No encoder is complete without sound quality settings and winLAME is no exception from the rule. You can adjust encoding quality settings such as bitrate and quality level.

The following changes were made since the 2021 version:

- added support for entering disc number and replacing %disc% in CD track title
-added CD extract setting to open the CD tray/eject the CD after reading
- f ixed creating 8-bit FLAC files with preset "FLAC lossless from 16 bit audio"
- fixed always setting the genre field of mp3 files to Blues
- fixed wrong mp3 file duration time in VBR mp3 files due to wrong placement of LAME VBR Info tag
- fixed wrong bitrate when encoding to WMA in CBR mode
- updated: LAME 3.101 beta 2 (SVN r6507)
- updated: mpg123 1.31.3
- updated: libsndfile 1.2.2
- updated: taglib 1.13.1
- updated: libopus 1.4
- updated: FLAC 1.4.3
- updated: libspeex 1.2.1
- updated: libfaad2 2.10.1
- updated: Monkey's Audio 10.22

winLAME is one of the best encoding solutions and it is recommended to anyone needing to convert their music to the most common file formats. Even if it has not been updated for several years, winLAME can still provide reliable encoding capabilities.
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winLAME 2009 beta 1
on 23 May 2009
winlame is a software which can encode most audio files.but the chinese tags are all mixed up and some quality is reduced