oggdropXPd 1.9.2

oggdropXPd is an easy to use Ogg Vorbis encoder, decoder and player able to work with lossless audio tracks.
A top application, it can be used by beginners and experts alike and it allows you to handle the Ogg Vorbis format hassle free.

The first 2 download links are the "official" Xiph releases, while links 3 and 4 (aoTuVb6.03 links) are modified versions which aims to improve performance.
You'll get better results when encoding at low quality settings (q<=1.0).

The Ogg Vorbis is an audio compression format occupying less storage space than the MP3 and rendering average to high quality audio contents.

Working with this format requires you to use a special utility, like oggdropXPd.

Things are not as complicated as the might seem; oggdropXPd is incredibly light and it has a drag and drop feature for a more convenient use.

The main features of this virtual item are: auto-tagging, renaming of encoded files, playlist creation, use of VorbisGain tags on decode, setting advanced encoder parameters, and, most important of all, compression from lossless files, such as LPAC, FLAC, Monkeys Audio, WavPack and OptimFROG.

oggdropXPd totally de-mystifies this audio format and it allows you to convert it within seconds.

The only limitation refers to FLAC music tracks, which are not supported directly. This means that the file is first transformed into an OGG file and afterwards you need to load it again for further conversion.

You can keep things simple and just play the OGG files. What you have to do is access the “Decoding Options” menu and select the “Playback” option.

The files you drop into the oggdropXPd windows will not be converted and saved into WAV, but simply played.

It is considered that better results will be obtained if you encode at low quality settings.

oggdropXPd has all it takes to manage OGG files fast and easy. Encode, decode, play and set tags with this effective application, occupying a very small fraction of your computer’s memory and requiring a low amount of resources to function.

Changes to oggdropXPd 1.9.0 (libvorbis 1.3.2):

- Bug fix release as of this date re 6.1 channel mapping error. Incorporates relevant changes re. libVorbis 1.3.2 and libOgg 1.2.1, and uses libsamplerate 0.1.7

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