MainConcept and Fraunhofer IIS Enable Immersive Audio in Live Encoder and FFmpeg Plugins

MainConcept, a leading provider of video and audio codec solutions, has announced a partnership with Fraunhofer IIS to enhance their live encoder and FFmpeg plugins with immersive audio support.


This exciting development will allow users to create and stream immersive audio content, further expanding the possibilities of the video and audio industry.

The partnership combines the strengths of both companies, with MainConcept's expertise in video and audio codec solutions and Fraunhofer IIS's extensive knowledge in immersive audio technology. The result is a powerful set of tools that enables users to create and distribute immersive audio content with ease.

Immersive audio, also known as 3D audio, provides a more realistic and engaging listening experience by creating a sense of spatial sound. It allows sound engineers to place sounds in a virtual 3D space, creating a more lifelike and enveloping experience for listeners.

With the integration of immersive audio support into MainConcept's live encoder and FFmpeg plugins, users can now create and stream immersive audio content in real-time, opening up new possibilities for live events, gaming, and virtual reality experiences.

MainConcept's live encoder with immersive audio support was used by Fraunhofer IIS to stream the first-ever concert in MPEG-H 3D Audio on the Fraunhofer website. The concert featured the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra, and listeners were able to experience the sound of the orchestra from different perspectives, creating an immersive and captivating experience.

This development is particularly exciting for the gaming industry, which has been a driving force behind the growth of immersive audio technology. With MainConcept's immersive audio support, game developers can now create games with more realistic and immersive soundscapes. This will provide players with a more engaging and immersive gaming experience, leading to greater player satisfaction and retention.

This partnership is a significant step forward for the video and audio industry. The integration of immersive audio support into MainConcept's live encoder and FFmpeg plugins opens up new possibilities for creating and streaming immersive audio content in real-time.

This technology has already been used to create an unforgettable listening experience in the world of music, and it promises to revolutionize the gaming and virtual reality industries as well.

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