Feel the Beat: Uphear Brings Your Sound to Life!

Crosscall has teamed up with Fraunhofer IIS to bring you a game-changing feature called upHear AI-Based Noise Reduction.

Fraunhofer Uphear.

Developed by Fraunhofer IIS, this tech is now part of Crosscall's commitment to boosting your audio experience.

upHear uses smart technology to give you clear audio without background noise – it's like a breath of fresh air for your ears!

Unlike conventional noise reduction methods, upHear leverages artificial intelligence to create an immersive auditory environment. Imagine a world where background noise is a thing of the past, and your audio is crystal clear.

Crosscall's tough devices get even better with upHear, promising an awesome audio adventure for music lovers, gamers, and everyone in between.

Fraunhofer IIS and Crosscall are joining forces to take your sound experience to new heights.

Say goodbye to annoying background noise and immerse yourself in an audio experience with upHear AI-Based Noise Reduction!

Read more here about upHear.

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