WebP Codec 1.4

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WebP Codec provides WebP support for the latest versions of Windows; it implements the interface defined by the Windows Imaging Component.

This codec is built with the libwebp library.

The Windows Imaging Component provides API for image processing; consequently, programs supporting WIC can offer support for WebP image formats when WebP Codec is installed.

Once these conditions are met, you can view WebP files in Windows Photo Viewer and you will have their thumbnails displayed by Windows Explorer.

For standalone image viewing, our top recommendations include ImageGlass, XnView, and IrfanView.

The WebP Codec only includes a decoder and future releases will introduce encoding and metadata support, too.

Developed by Google, the WebP Codec was designed for viewing images on the web, more precisely WebP images, a format whose main advantage is speeding up the Web due to its small size. Additionally, this format causes insignificant or no quality losses at all.

You need this codec in order to be able to view WebP images.

You can also convert the WebP files online:  WebP to JPEG or  JPEG to WebP.

The WebP format provides either lossless images (which are 28% smaller than PNGs) or lossy images (25-34% smaller than JPEG images). Lossless transparency or alpha channel is supported with only 22% more bytes.

The installation process of WebP Codec is fast and straightforward. You need to run the executable installation pack, press Next a few times and choose between three installation types (Typical, Custom and Complete). Once you press “Install”, you just need to wait for a few moments and you will be able to view your WebP images in no time.

WebP Codec is a must for anyone working with images on a regular basis. It helps you enjoy your WebP images and their advantages using your usual viewing application in a quick and simple manner.

- The WebP Image Extension will enable you to view WebP images in the Windows 11.
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- Check also this article: Is AVIF better than JPEG and WebP?
Reviews & Comments
WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 18 April 2020
great, works immediatly :) it installs in C: / Program Files / WebP Codec, scanned with microsoft antivirus, no virus whatsoever.

Great, love it.
WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 21 March 2020
Works quite well on Win 10 64bit, images are assigned to Photo Viewer automatically, also checked it before with VirusTotal and no problem.

Only a small thing, that pictures appear to be a bit darker than normal, but still okay.
WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 23 April 2019
Deleted by antivirus program as infected. Probably not safe to use.

Admin's Note: it has been checked and is clean.