Lazy Man's MKV 1.0.1 alpha 8

4.6 from 5 Reviews

Lazy Man's MKV is a free pack of filters, targeted mainly to decode Matroska (MKV) files and it's just perfect for those who want to avoid large codec packs. It installs only 3 DirectShow filters.

The components of Lazy Man's MKV are the Matroska Splitter, the RealMediaSplitter and the VSFilter.

Optionally, you can install the DirectShow filter for Ogg Vorbis. CoreAAC was removed from the pack.

With only three filters and a small size, the Lazy Man's MKV is the perfect choice for users who want to keep things simple and install only those filters that they really need.

This basic and lightweight codec pack will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the MKV format: an extremely rich media experience, including a variety of features (audio, video, alternate audio tracks, subtitles, chapter points and extensive metadata), flexibility and robustness at the same time.

These qualities recommend MKV as the best choice for the post-production of video files.

Like any other video container, MKV needs a codec for playback. There are many codecs available, but Lazy Man's MKV is a good choice due to its small, purpose-oriented filter collection and its simple installation process.

On the other hand, Lazy Man's MKV has not been updated anymore since 2006, which means it could be obsolete for some of the most recent MKV files. It only depends on the files you want to play if Lazy Man's MKV will do its job as expected or not.

In conclusion, Lazy Man's MKV can still represent a good option for some users and you don’t know if it suits your MKV files until you give it a try. Its advantages (small size, easy installation, being purpose-oriented) remain unchanged.

Reviews & Comments
Lazy Man's MKV 1.0.1 alpha 8
on 28 September 2007
I have a problem with Lazy_Man_MKV. I installed it right, and I didn't read that bit that said only install the one you need of your com if stuff. So can anyone help me fix the problem off my movies changed from avi to somthing else. I stuff up ok.
Please help me?
Lazy Man's MKV 1.0.1 alpha 8
on 18 March 2007
Great Program Does just as it says! Computers are complicated ... get over it.
Lazy Man's MKV 0.98 alpha 4
on 11 October 2005
ok, i used this on a mkv file and now i get sound on my divx and wmp, but...i'm getting both english and japanese at the same time?? is it just the files or is there someway i can fix this?