xy-VSFilter + XySubFilter

By installing xy-VSFilter + XySubFilter to your computer, you will enjoy high-quality playback of your multimedia files and the features of the well-known VSFilter, which is needed to display subtitles.

xy-VSFilter provides support only for the subtitle scripts supported by Official VSFilter 2.39 builds, while XySubFilter ensures high quality subtitle rendering on condition that you have madVR 0.86+ or other compatible Subtitle Consumer installed on your computer.

In order to use these software tools on your computer, you need to make sure there are no other versions of VSFilter previously installed.

xy-VSFilter and XySubFilter are considered more efficient than the official VSFilter, first of all because they are a lot faster.

The official VSFilter used to render subtitles in RGB, so it had to convert YUV to RGB when playing YUV streams.

Changes to xy-VSFilter + XySubFilter

- Fix VSFilter crash on load/release (as external DirectVobSub in players). Regression since v804.

Moreover, these two filters are very compact while still managing to offer so many features. They are constantly updated and by using xy-VSFilter and XySubFilter, you know you have full support for playback and subtitle rendering, no matter what multimedia format you work with.

- If you have another version of VSFilter currently installed, merely replacing the VSFilter.dll file will NOT work correctly. Check their Troubleshooting Q&A for more details here.
- xy-VSFilter + XySubFilter contains: XySubFilter.dll (x86 and x64 versions) and VSFilter.dll: included Avisynth filters (name and parameter signature).
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