Ogg Vorbis 1.4.2

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Ogg Vorbis is a lossy audio codec which allows you to create and play Ogg Vorbis files using the command-line interface.

This codec will help you obtain high-quality lossy audio files and to handle videos and metadata, too.

Command-Line Interface (CLI):

Ogg Vorbis offers tools primarily designed for command-line use, meaning you'll engage with them via the terminal or command prompt. If you're unfamiliar with the command line (CLI), it's worth exploring the distinctions between GUI and CLI to grasp the advantages of each method.

In case you prefer a graphical user interface (GUI), you can use one of these options:
oggdropXPd, LameXP, WinVorbis or foobar2000 (see Audio File Conversion Made Easy with foobar2000 guide).

The most important advantage of this codec is reducing significantly the size of your audio files while maintaining a high-quality sound level. The differences between the original file and the encoded one are minimal and only experts can notice them.

Additionally, Ogg Vorbis is not a patented format, which means developers can use it in their projects for free and without any obligations. Or you can share or sell your own music without ever needing to pay anyone.

The tags displayed when Ogg Vorbis is missing are audio codec tag 674F and audio codec tag 26447. Installing Ogg DirectShow Filters, Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec, Ogg Splitter, or RadLight Ogg Media DirectShow filter may solve these errors.

Another advantage of Ogg Vorbis files for music artists, besides their smaller size which leads to reduced bandwidth costs, is the comment header, which allows them to add information about them and their website. This way fans can find artists more easily.

The Ogg Vorbis format is appealing to music listeners, too, because its quality is higher than in MP3 files and it occupies less space on the disc. For developers, the lack of patent-license costs is one of the reasons to use this format.

The Ogg Vorbis codec is useful to various categories of users as it makes it possible to enjoy the advantages of this multimedia format: high quality, small size and patent-free.

The command-line interface is more suitable for professionals, while average users may prefer a GUI.
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Ogg Vorbis 1.3.5
on 11 April 2015
Great ogg encoder/decoder!