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Patin-Couffin Access Layer 35
on 27 June 2006
At least for me it was bad, I keep getting "cannot connect to hardware access layer" message when I try to open Copy To Dvd This started just after getting the Sony DRMrootkit on jun the 19th 2006 from a Van Zant cd my son had never gotten around to saving the tracks for.

I wish now he had never gotten around to it. In device manager patin couffin has a yellow exclamation but all the rom drivers and the ide channel drivers look ok, I was really hoping this would work but back to the drawing board.

I cant believe i am the only one to ever have this happen from the Sony DRM rootkit.Any thoughts or similar experience?
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Message:The driver is inactive or not installed properly.Please re-install DVD43 to enable the DVD drive.The message you received occurs due to several different conditions.

For whatever reason, DVD43 cannot connect to the DVD drive. For me, after having DVD43 run fine for a long time, the same message showed up at boot-up. I had borrowed the SATA connection to a Sony DVD drive to test a hard drive. After testing, the machine was shut down. It was a while before that machine was re-booted. When I did reboot, I received the same message you received. It looked like it might be a message displayed when DVD43 checked for a later version of itself. The first thing I did was upgrade DVD43 to the latest version. Following the next reboot, I had the same message, only now from the latest version of DVD43. I realized now I had forgot to reconnect the DVD drive. The message may merely indicate your DVD is not connected. Check the connectors for a good connection.

I agree the DVD43 message could be better descriptive and list this as a possibility. There are several other possibilities that can cause this message. If you upgraded any software that gets involved with the DVD communications, it might have messed things up. Check the Device Manager for any yellow flags.

One good thing is that it got me to upgrade DVD43 to the latest version.

on 22 Apr 2011, by GCS

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