Patin-Couffin Access Layer 37

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Patin-Couffin Access Layer serves as input/output interface for various programs, such as DVD43.

This application is an alternative to Adaptec’s ASPI and to Elaborate Bytes’s ElyCDIO.

ASPI stands for Advanced SCSI Programming Interface.

This interface is necessary for ASPI drivers in order to communicate with ATAPI and SCSI devices because Windows software has been created without the capability of accessing these devices directly.

This software engine works as a device driver for Microsoft Windows and it ensures low-level access layer for CDs and DVDs. It is manufactured by VSO and it uses ASPI drivers to communicate with SCSI and ATAPI devices such as hard disks.

One of the applications of files contained in an ASPI layer is ripping audio CDs or burning CSs in systems that don’t have a SCSI adapter or device.

Patin-Couffin Access Layer is preferred by some users due to a series of advantages, compared to ASPI layers. Patin-Couffin Access Layer 37 is free and you know you can use it indefinitely; it is more reliable than its alternative; it has a mechanism which grants exclusive access to a given drive, ensuring a reliable read and write operation; it acts faster on drive; it supports hot plug and it can detect USB units and firewire hard drives.

All things considered, Patin-Couffin Access Layer is a reliable solution for accessing ATAPI and SCSI devices and enjoying the features of applications which remove CD and DVD protection, such as DVD43. It “weighs” less than 1 MB and it fits just perfectly in your system.
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Patin-Couffin Access Layer 35
on 27 June 2006
At least for me it was bad, I keep getting "cannot connect to hardware access layer" message when I try to open Copy To Dvd This started just after getting the Sony DRMrootkit on jun the 19th 2006 from a Van Zant cd my son had never gotten around to saving the tracks for.

I wish now he had never gotten around to it. In device manager patin couffin has a yellow exclamation but all the rom drivers and the ide channel drivers look ok, I was really hoping this would work but back to the drawing board.

I cant believe i am the only one to ever have this happen from the Sony DRM rootkit.Any thoughts or similar experience?