MQA's next-generation high-resolution audio headphones are set to arrive

This marks the initial indication of a new wireless technology that promises superior quality and scalability beyond anything seen thus far.



Techradar has extensively covered the vast potential of SCL6, the latest wireless audio format also referred to as MQAir.

However, they expressed disappointment at the absence of support for the adaptive high-resolution wireless audio format.

Nevertheless, this situation seems poised to shift as MQA, the codec's creator, has recently announced a collaboration that guarantees a fresh series of advanced high-resolution headphones.

The collaboration involves PSB Speakers, a sister brand of NAD, and Sonical, a hearable app developer. In a press release, they boldly declared that their partnership "will establish a new category of high-resolution audio headphones."

The downside is that they are set to launch in the first half of 2024. Nonetheless, these headphones seem to be next-generation in many ways.

SCL6 was initially unveiled by MQA in 2022 and aims to provide better quality audio files while streaming to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

The sound can range from the lower end of Bluetooth transmission to high-bandwidth lossless files, with the promise of preserving more detail at all levels than other transmission technologies.


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