AOMedia Introduces Royalty-Free Immersive Audio Container

The Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), renowned for its AV1 video codec and AVIF image file format, has released the Immersive Audio Model and Formats (IAMF) container specification. IAMF, like AV1, is offered under a royalty-free license.



IAMF, introduced on Thursday, is AOMedia's first audio container specification. 

It aims to revolutionize audio experiences, spanning AR/VR to traditional broadcasting. IAMF, a codec-agnostic container, supports spatial audio for all devices, flexible audio delivery, and is creator-friendly.

From Alliance for Open Media's press release:

IAMF is designed to enable creatives to revolutionize immersive audio experiences across a myriad of applications, from streaming and gaming to augmented reality and virtual reality, as well as traditional broadcasting.

Whether broadcasting live sports, or binging on a favorite show, immersive audio is becoming a bigger part of consumers’ daily lives. AOMedia developed IAMF specifically for the internet audio era, paving the way for companies to make immersive audio part of the devices, products, and services that consumers love. As a result of these efforts, IAMF is a codec-agnostic container specification that can carry information for playback time rendering algorithms and audio mixing.

For more details, refer to the official announcement:

AOMedia Advances the Audio Innovation Era with First-ever Audio Specification Offered Under Its Royalty-free License

and Immersive Audio Model and Formats specs.

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