A Closer Look at StaxRip 2.32

StaxRip, the popular open-source video encoding software, has unveiled version 2.32, bringing a slew of new features and improvements to enrich user experience.

A Closer Look at StaxRip 2.32


Here are the key highlights from the changelog:


- Introduces "-ExitWithoutSaving" parameter, allowing users to exit StaxRip without saving unsaved projects.


- Resolves crashes on video files with higher Bit Depth, ensuring a more stable experience.

UI Additions:

- HDR metadata extraction now available in project options.
- Option to show an error message on "Frame Mismatch" after encoding.
- "Default Subtitles" expanded to include "DefaultOrFirst" for more flexibility.
- "Close Project" added to the Main Menu for streamlined project management.

Subtitle and Language Improvements:

- Enhanced language recognition of subtitles from paths.
- Fixed subtitles not enabling after import, even when set to do so.

UI Enhancements:

- Improved "Output Highlighting" for better visibility and user guidance.
- Resolved UI response delay when opening "Audio Settings" window.
- Fixed demuxing VOBs ignoring settings.
- Multiple minor fixes and improvements.

Tool Updates:

- AOMEnc, DoVi_Tool, HDR10Plus_Tool, MKVToolNix, MP4Box, QSVEncC, rav1e, Subtitle Edit, SvtAv1EncApp, vvencFFapp, x265, and AviSynth+ plugins such as QTGMC and xy-VSFilter + XySubFilter have been updated.

Dual Plugin Update:

L-SMASH-Works updated to version 1164 [20240106].

StaxRip 2.32 aims to provide an improved video encoding experience with its latest features and optimizations. Download StaxRip 2.32.

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