Subtitle Edit 4.0.4 beta 4

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Subtitle Edit is a professional software tool allowing you to create, edit and synchronize subtitles.

This application supports more than 250 subtitle types and it also features an auto-translate option using Google Translate.

No matter how experienced you are in managing subtitles, Subtitle Edit is suitable for you, even if you are a beginner or an experienced user.

It has happened to everyone, at least once: you have been waiting for months to find a film you are interested in and when you finally got it, the subtitle was desynchronized, which totally ruined your movie watching experience.

You don’t have to be an expert to solve this - Subtitle Edit is a simple and fast solution for editing subtitles.

For those who want to squeeze more out of this program, Subtitle Edit offers you much more than simply synchronizing subtitles.

First of all, you don’t have to worry about rare subtitle formats, because this application offers support for more than 80 subtitle types and it even allows you to convert your subtitles from a format to another.

If the subtitle is not available in your language yet, you can quickly translate it using the not so reliable Google Translate through the interface of the subtitle editor. Or you can create your own subtitle.

Other special features include: ripping subtitles from decrypted DVDs, opening subtitles embedded inside matroska files, opening subtitles embedded inside various media formats, merging and splitting subtitles, spell checking using a variety of dictionaries, adjusting display time, multiple search and replace and many others.

The settings menu may seem complex at the first glance, but it is well-organized and you’ll find in no time the option you are looking for.

Subtitle Edit is one of the best software tools of its kind, and it offers you a variety of options to get the perfect subtitles, while having easiness of use in mind, as well.

Changes to Subtitle Edit 4.0.3:

- NEW:
- Add ".opus" + ".adts" audio file extensions - thx vivadavid/Lyubomir71
- Add two TSV subtitle formats - thx Purfview
- Add Arabic translation - thx Yahya
- Add new json subtitle format - thx Lucretia
- Add auto-translate via Papago
- Add new shortcut "Set end and start of next after gap" - thx rRobis
- Allow configure of Whisper post-processing - thx raphaelomoreira
- Allow create of new "no-break-after-list" from UI - thx lambdacore12
- Update Polish translation - thx admas
- Update Finnish translation - thx Teijo S
- Update Spanish AR & MX translation - thx jmaraujouy
- Update Chinese translation - thx nkh0472
- Update German translation - thx Netspark
- Update Italian language - thx bovirus
- Update Dutch translation - thx Flitskikker
- Show file list after Whisper/Vosk batch run - thx Simon
- Some improvements for SUP/BDN-XML editor - thx Jack1789
- Add Spanish for ChatGPT translate - thx alvarusk
- Add some words to SE user dictionary - thx Caleb
- Update Whisper CPP to v1.5.2
- Update Purfview's Faster Whisper to r167.2
- Update libmpv to 2023-11-26
- Update yt-dlp to 2023-11-16
- Re-add Whisper Const-me large model v2
- Audio-to-text: Improve error msg if no write access to video source folder
- Add delay in seconds to translate via ChatGPT
- Toggle music symbols, now toggles via first text - thx Leon
- Use source video folder when saving hard-sub video - thx Leon
- Better media info + shows details when click on label - thx Leon
- Add "Formality" for DeepL - thx Marco
- Fix for BDSUP cmd line convert - thx Jack1789
- Do not count HTML tags in SCC in save/load - thx cs127
- Fix minor space issue with "Fix italic tags" - thx Adam
- Focus text box after "Set end, add new and go to new" - thx aoifeaoibhee
- Fix for unwanted "
" in MS translator - thx Miguel
- Only add recent file if saved - thx F5System
- Fix for mouse wheel scroll direction in video player - thx Peter
- Fix for ASSA border width in export to image based format - thx Christian
- Fix crash in generating ASSA borders with odd video resolution - thx Leon
- Fix crash in "Beautify time codes" - thx Flitskikker
- Fix for "Batch convert" auto-translate - thx Lunchbox209

Full list of changes.

- Subtitle Edit requires the .NET Framework Version 4.0 or newer to be installed.
Reviews & Comments
Subtitle Edit 3.4.8
on 12 September 2015
mto bom esse programa,ajuda mto,parabns pelo desenvolvedor...

Meu problema que fui lengendar um video no formato wmv,legendei e tals,mas na hora de salvar,o formato ficou diferente,tentei converter mais no deu certo,queria que me indicassem um formato bom,ou um video explicando como fazer.

Obrigado !
Subtitle Edit 3.4.2
on 04 October 2014
@soham: Check if the files have actual subtitle streams with MediaInfo (can be found here at, and if there are, You need to import them into Subtitle Edit.

If MediaInfo says there are no subtitle streams, then yours are probably hard-coded subs, meaning they are encoded as part of the video stream, and can not be extracted (You would need to use OCR/Optical Character Recognition software, and doing that on a video stream might be a lost cause, quite a lot of work in the best case..).
Subtitle Edit 3.4.2
on 04 October 2014
Why does it come back saying "no subtitles found" with my .mp4 or .mkv file, tho on playing I do see the subs clearly!