How do I use rav1e and FFmpeg to create high quality video files?

As you may know, rav1e allows you to encode video files to the AV1 video format, easily and fast.

rav1e gui

Because it's a Command Line Application, you may need a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that will help you to encode the files easily.

rav1e GUI uses ffmpeg and rav1e comand lines.

In order to run rav1e GUI correctly, copy ffmpeg.exe and rav1e.exe into rav1e GUI's folder.

Here’s how the GUI works (from developer's webpage):

- The input file is first converted to a user-specified length .y4m files.

- The audio from the video is encoded to Opus.

- The .y4m segment files are encoded in parallel to .ivf using rav1e. This significantly speeds up the encoding process.

- The .ivf files are concatenated into one final .ivf file.

- The concatenated .ivf and .opus files are merged into a .webm or .mkv file, which is the output file.

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