VVC H.266: The Next-Generation Video Codec Revolutionizing Online Video Streaming

With the explosive growth of online video traffic, the demand for high-quality video streaming has become a top priority for content providers.

H.266 Codec


To address this need, the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications has developed the next-generation video coding standard known as VVC H.266, which offers significant bandwidth savings and improved video quality.

VVC H.266 stands for Versatile Video Coding (VVC) and is also known as H.266. It is the successor to the widely-used H.265, also known as HEVC.

The new codec promises to deliver significant bandwidth savings of up to 50% compared to its predecessor while maintaining or even improving the video quality. The codec achieves this by using more advanced algorithms and techniques for video compression.


One of the standout features of VVC H.266 is its ability to deliver high-quality video even at low bitrates. This makes it ideal for streaming services and other applications where bandwidth is limited. It can deliver the same level of video quality as H.265, but with much less data usage, enabling faster streaming and reduced costs for content providers.

VVC H.266 is also capable of supporting high dynamic range (HDR) video, providing a wider range of colors and a greater contrast ratio between light and dark areas of the video. This feature is becoming increasingly important as more and more displays support HDR technology.

The codec has been gaining traction in the industry, with major companies such as Apple, Intel, and Huawei joining the VVC Advance Patent Pool to support the development and adoption of the technology.

VVC H.266 is expected to become the new industry standard for video coding in the coming years, replacing H.265 and other older codecs.

There are some challenges to the widespread adoption of VVC H.266. One of the main challenges is the cost of licensing the technology.

Like many new technologies, VVC H.266 is subject to licensing fees, which could make it less accessible to smaller content providers and startups.


VVC H.266 is a significant step forward for the video streaming industry, delivering high-quality video at reduced bandwidth costs.

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