MKVToolNix v82 Release Highlights

In the latest release of MKVToolNix, version 82 brings several new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and notable changes to the build system.

MKVToolNix 82 Release


Here's a summary of the key updates:

New Features:

- Matroska Reader Improvements:

"Video alpha mode" track header property is now copied to the output file, and its presence is reported in JSON identification mode as alpha_mode. Timestamp scaling factor is reported as timestamp_scale.

- Teletext Subtitles Enhancement:

MPEG transport stream reader now marks teletext subtitles for the hearing impaired with the appropriate flag.

- File Identification Update:

JSON identification output schema version increased to 19.

- Player Compatibility Workaround:

Added a new hack, always_write_block_add_ids, addressing player issues related to missing "Block Addition ID" sub-elements.

- MKVToolNix GUI Multiplexer Features:

GUI can automatically enable the "hearing impaired" flag for audio and subtitle tracks based on specific keywords in filenames. Blu-ray playlist scanning now ignores likely menu playlists.

Bug Fixes:

- MPEG Transport Stream Reader:

Fixed a crash introduced in v81 related to PCM tracks.

- Matroska File Reading:

Addressed a bug causing the creation of disallowed elements when reading damaged Matroska files.

Build System Changes:

- Qt 6 Requirement:

MKVToolNix now requires Qt 6; Qt 5 no longer supported.

- Qt 6 Detection:

Improved error messages in config.log. Requires Qt 6.2.0 or newer due to multimedia module.

- Bundled Library Update:

fmt library updated to v10.1.1.


See full list of changes here and upgrade to MKVToolNix 82 for these improvements, ensuring better performance, bug fixes, and compatibility with the latest Qt version.

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