Innovative Launch of High-Performance 3D Video Codec

Arcturus has introduced a groundbreaking volumetric video codec, touted as the 'first high-performance' in its category.

Accelerated Volumetric Video (AVV)

The Accelerated Volumetric Video (AVV) update integrated into the HoloSuite toolset is set to revolutionize the creation of digital environments by compressing 3D performances without compromising quality.

This development is particularly significant for applications in the metaverse, gaming, and architecture, where the need for a higher volume of volumetric characters was previously hindered by large file sizes and increased hardware demands.

Volumetric video, known for its faster turnaround and more natural performances compared to computer-generated counterparts, often generated extensive data resulting in unwieldy files. AVV addresses this challenge by significantly compressing volumetric files while preserving data quality. This breakthrough enables creators to incorporate more volumetric video characters into virtual environments in real time.

Beyond enhanced scalability, the AVV codec also contributes to improved visual quality and relighting within game engines. Notably, the codec has already been successfully employed in professional projects, including the remake of the classic game, The 7th Guest VR by Vertigo Games.

Paul van der Meer, project lead for Vertigo Games, expressed enthusiasm about the impact of AVV on their project: “For the first time ever in VR, we were able to include multiple volumetric video streams featuring real performances in 3D, giving players a new and compelling experience.”

Arcturus CEO Kamal Mistry highlighted the practicality of AVV, stating, “With each new generation of any visual technology, the demands on the hardware are an issue that can slow adoption.

AVV makes volumetric video a viable solution for digital scenes looking to add a high quantity of human characters.” This breakthrough promises to usher in a new era for volumetric video technology, making it more accessible and practical for a broader range of applications.

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