Checking Installed VIDEO and AUDIO Codecs In Windows XP

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Click the START button and find the Control Panel.

- Click on the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties icon, select the Hardware tab and highlight (click on) VIDEO CODECS. Then push Properties button and select the PROPERTIES tab to view installed codecs.

- Double-click a codec to see its corresponding properties. If a particular codec has any options that can be customized, you will see these options when you double click the codec name.

Do the same thing for Audio Codecs but select AUDIO CODECS in Hardware tab.

Checking Installed VIDEO and AUDIO Codecs In Windows XP

Note: This is very rudimentary, but its intention is merely to alert people to the fact that they can view their installed codecs in Windows XP without playing the guessing game.
If you don't like it, try Sherlock - The Codec Detective!, which helps to determine the codecs installed on computer and check to see if any of the codecs are broken.

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But How can I do it in Windows7 ?
Microsoft keep moving things around in the Control Panel!

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