There are many converting applications available online, from the most basic to complex tools dedicated to professionals.

ShanaEncoder stands in the middle, as it allows you to easily convert videos from one format to another while also adjusting parameters of the output files such as bitrate and framerate.

This encoding program based on FFmpeg suits the needs of most average users and comes with some significant benefits.

One of the first advantages provided by ShanaEncoder is supporting less common multimedia formats, such as 3GP2 and EVO, aside from the more common AVI, MP3, MP4 and FLAC.

Easiness of use and fast operation are ensured by the possibility of loading multiple documents at the same time and using a drag and drop feature. If you change your mind about an item on the processing list, you can discard it with a couple of clicks.

With ShanaEncoder you are constantly aware of the properties of the files you are processing. Details about the input files are displayed within the program window, so you don’t have to look them up in file properties, and the settings you prefer for the final document are easy to apply.

Available output formats include among others SWF, WMV, WAV, and FLV.

Some of the editing options available with ShanaEncoder include flipping or rotating subtitles, adjusting subtitle font size and style, adding image effects, changing file quality and size, and modifying volume. You can save time by not going through the same settings for every conversion by applying a preset to the queue items.

ShanaEncoder is a reliable conversion tool recommended to users with large multimedia libraries and requiring a batch encoder that allows them to alter the quality and aspect of their multimedia files.
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