Flash Video Splitter

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Flash Video Splitter is a codec which allows you to view FLV files locally, on your computer. Apart from Flash Video Splitter, you will also have to install the FLV decoder.

Adobe Flash Player is no longer available!
Adobe, its developer, strongly recommends all users immediately uninstall Flash Player to help protect their systems.

FFDShow can be enabled to play this format by selecting FLV1 from Decoder tab.

Flash components are easily played online, because most Internet browsers are equipped with special plugins.

On the other hand, FLV files stored on your computer need special codecs.

The latest versions of Flash Video Splitter come with some useful changes, such as improved support for HEVC, VP9, AV1 in "Enhanced flv" and some other changes:
- Fixed playback of files with incorrect indexes.
- Added support for the KUX container.
- Added support for tags in UTF-8 format, added support for the "author" tag.
- Added support for Xunlei XV files.
- Improved opening of some files.
- Improved work with AAC tracks.
- Added support for reading meta-data.
- Use the list of key frames when rewinding.

This lightweight splitter may be exactly that one thing you are missing in order to play FLV files successfully.
Reviews & Comments
Flash Video Splitter
on 19 August 2013
how do i install it?
Flash Video Splitter
on 05 January 2009
works better than ever, especially seeking. Now I have no lag seeking in files where a previous rev had up to 10-20 seconds of lag on some FLVs.