Bass Audio Source

Bass Audio Source is a DirectShow filter that allows users to play audio files that are supported by the BASS library in DirectShow media players (MPC-HC , MPC-BE, etc).

It is a free and open-source software, meaning that it can be used and modified by anyone without any financial or legal restrictions.

The BASS library is a powerful audio library that supports a wide range of audio formats (aac, alac, ape, flac, mpc, ofr, opus, tta, wma, etc) and provides advanced audio processing features.

By using Bass Audio Source, users can access the features of the BASS library in media players that do not have native support for the library.

What are the basic steps required to install Bass Audio Source?

- Download the appropriate version of the ZIP file (either or
- Unpack the downloaded file into a separate folder.
- Run the installation command file (either Install_BassAudioSource_32.cmd or - Install_BassAudioSource_64.cmd) as an administrator.
- In the DirectShow player, add the or to the list of external filters and set it as the preferred filter.
- Open the desired audio file in the DirectShow player.

It's important to note that the installation process may vary depending on the version of DirectShow player you use. It's also recommended to check the software's documentation or website for any additional instructions or troubleshooting.

Updates in Bass Audio Source include:

- Implemented an information window feature.
- Enhanced the speed for opening network streams with known sizes.
- Removed the "PreBufferMS" option for streamlined functionality.
+ Updated BASS components to the latest versions:
- bassopus.dll version
- bassflac.dll version

- Bass Audio Source is based on the code of the DC-Bass Source Filter and it aims to improve its functionality and compatibility with modern DirectShow players. The DC-Bass Source filter is no longer actively developed, but it is still available for download and use.
- You can also check DC-Bass Source Mod, which is a continuation (also discontinued! :)) of the DCoder’s Bass Source Filter.
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