Monkey's Audio 10.29

4.14 from 7 Reviews
Monkey's Audio is an excellent audio compression tool which has multiple advantages over traditional methods.
The conversion method is lossless, and you still get to save a lot of storage space.

WAV files have a high quality level, but they also occupy a lot of memory.

What Monkey's Audio does is to produce bit-for-bit copies of your music and provide you with copies that sound just like the original and weigh less.

These are not the only good news. When you use Monkey's Audio, you can always decompress files back to the original, which means you don’t have to recopy original files if you want to use the old format again.

Batch processing and opening files by the drag and drop method are also possible, for more convenience of use.

Monkey's Audio works in several modes, such as compress (into .APE files - Monkey's Audio files), decompress, convert, make APLs and verify and it allows you to choose between various conversion methods: normal, fast, high, extra high, external or insane.

Conversion process is always error-free because Monkey's Audio incorporates redundant CRC’s to ensure proper decompression of data.

Due to tagging support, the application uses its own incredibly versatile APE Tags which means you can easily manage and catalogue your Monkey’s Audio collection. The external coder support allows you to use this software tool as a front-end for other encoding needs as well.

On top of all, Monkey’s Audio does its job fast because it’s optimized and designed to meet your needs perfectly.

Due to software tools like Monkey’s Audio, you never have to compromise and you’ll never have that dilemma between disk space and quality. Your music is in good hands with this reliable and powerful application.
Reviews & Comments
Monkey's Audio 9.13 beta
on 15 February 2023
good front-end for FLAC and WAVPACK.
Monkey's Audio 7.20
on 25 November 2021
I have had problems used APE in foobar2000...
Monkey's Audio 4.34
Toaru Neko
on 08 May 2018
The only advantage over popular FLAC that MAC files are
~2% smaller in side.

And there's a cost: MAC is very slow and less supported.
If you need small size no matter of speed, use OptimFrog which is also less supported by soft/hardware.