VidCoder Launches Stable Version: VidCoder 9.17

VidCoder, the well-known open-source DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application, has officially launched its stable version 9.17, marking a significant milestone for users seeking a reliable and feature-rich video encoding solution.

VidCoder 9.17 Release


This release consolidates all the successful v9 Beta advancements into the Stable track, ensuring a seamless and enhanced user experience.

VidCoder 9.17 introduces AMD VCN AV1 and NVIDIA NVENC AV1 encoders support, along with SVT-AV1 multi-pass ABR mode.

Noteworthy improvements include enabled NVDec hardware decoding, the option to remove the cap on simultaneous NVEnc encodes, and an increased maximum simultaneous encode setting cap of 16.

Users can enjoy optimized memory usage, a polling folder watcher, and bug fixes, ensuring a more robust and user-friendly video transcoding journey.

Download VidCoder 9.17 and explore the latest enhancements on GitHub.

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