Nokia Sues Amazon and HP Over Video Streaming Patents

Finnish tech giant Nokia has filed lawsuits against Amazon and HP in multiple countries, accusing them of infringing various video streaming-related patents.


Nokia's Chief Licensing Officer, Arvin Patel, revealed the legal action in a recent blog post.

The lawsuits target Amazon Prime Video and its streaming devices, alleging violations in video compression, content delivery, content recommendation, and hardware-related aspects.

Nokia's inventors have contributed to the evolution of market-adopted video codecs, from the H.264/Advanced Video Coding (AVC) standard in the early 2000s to the completion of the H.266/Versatile Video Coding (VVC) standard in 2020.

These advancements have consistently reduced bitrate requirements by half compared to their predecessors, ensuring superior picture quality.

The impact of Nokia's technology is evident in virtually every video-playing device, including tablets, PCs, smartphones, smart TVs, cameras, security systems, and video doorbells.

Beyond compression technology, Nokia has introduced new features such as content optimization for seamless transitions between portrait and landscape videos, and the ability to fast forward or rewind videos while displaying the current scene—a concept pioneered by Nokia.

Additionally, Nokia has spearheaded technologies enabling personalized content recommendations, enhancing user experiences across various platforms.

Despite years of negotiation, Amazon and HP allegedly refused to pay for patent licenses, leading Nokia to pursue legal action.

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